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  1. Electronics: Hummingbird 7" high end $800.00 12" Solix $3,699.99 Lowrance 7" live $1,098.00 - $1,148.00 12"Live $2,998.00 to $3,098.00 TM : Minn Kota Ultrex $2,599.99 to $2,699.99 MotorguideXi5 Wireless $1,719. to $1,939.00 The prices above are from Tackle Warehouse guess you can beat those prices but its what I used just for information only. Based on your budget you might really want to look at a used boat or a package deal like a Tracker from BPS. Sure there are other options and it is easy for other folks to spend your money.
  2. Z-91

    New Floater

    Cool nice boat. Good for you hope you get to use it a lot.
  3. Z-91

    Co-poylomer line?

    I use the youzri copolymer line on mid to deep CBs and SBs. Works for me. No experience with the others but am sure they would work as well.
  4. I have several Abu Garcias 3.8 : 1 and 2 auto shifts 3.8:1/ 6.1:1 I use for big CBs.Sure are easier on the arms and shoulders. Also a great winter time/ cold water CB speed. Hard to beat the BPS cranking rods for the price.
  5. Z-91

    Pencil popper

    them were the good old days........lol
  6. Z-91

    Bladed jigs

    Seems to me it works best in stained water or water with grass. Find you a windy point where you would throw a spinnerbait and chunk the bladed jig, chatter bait or what ever you want to call it. It does work.
  7. Z-91


    David Fritts called this changing directions starting to go up and the fish are on the break they think the bait is trying to get away from them...thats what he said I would not argue with him on CB fishing.
  8. Z-91

    Used ranger

    look at the boat blue book resale values... looks like the motor has been replaced with a newer one see if the owner has or can get the warranty extended for three more years if you decide to get it. But then again you may never need it but its kinda like a spare tire its there if you need it. Good Luck with your decision.
  9. Z-91

    Used ranger

    I believe the Z20's were only rated for a 225 so might want to look at that aspect if you plan on fishing tournaments and maybe insurance . (check the motor hours it may tell you how much or how little it was used. Does it have a jack plate? The Z20's will perform much, much, much better with a 10 inch jack plate and I'm pretty sure Ranger made them standard but not sure of the year ...but it was after I bought mine. lol Look at the lids to all of the compartments some were easy to bow and feel mushy when you stand on them. Not bashing just stating what I would look for other than the obvious hull and trailer shape as stated above.
  10. Z-91

    Damiki Technique

    FWIW....... Loss of color underwater at depth What color disappears first underwater? Water absorbs different wavelengths of light to different degrees. The longest wavelengths, with the lowest energy, are absorbed first. Red is the first to be absorbed, followed by orange & yellow. The colors disappear underwater in the same order as they appear in the color spectrum. Even water at 5ft depth will have a noticeable loss of red. For this reason, strobes are usually used to add color back to subjects. At what depth underwater does color disappear? Red - 15ft orange - 25ft Yellow - 35-45ft Green - 70-75ft Don't forget to add in the horizontal distance. If you are 10ft underwater, and you are viewing an object 10ft away, the light has actually travelled 20ft, and all of the reds will be filtered out. Likewise, if you light up an object with your strobes 5ft away, the light has to travel 5ft to the object, and 5ft back to your lens, for a total of 10ft, with a significant loss of reds. This is why you always need to get close to your subject. Read more about getting better color in your underwater photos.
  11. Z-91

    Damiki Technique

    I thought red was the first color to disappear ( turns grey if I remember correctly) after about 5 foot of depth.
  12. I use a snap but a split ring should be ok.
  13. Works good in NC as well Chowan River Jordan Lake.... this is for the model A Bomber. sorry for hijacking the original thread. But for the fat free shad ones what identifies an old one from a new one?
  14. What is considered old for "the old ones"?
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