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  1. Just got home from Cave Run and I caught my first 2 MUSKIE!

    1. Jon


      Did you keep em? I here they are great to eat, but I've never landed one...

  2. Headed to Cherokee Saturday FINALLY!!!

    1. Tracker1861


      Go get 'em Willie, wear them out!

    2. trackertxw175


      if you haven't been in a while its waaaaayyyy up

  3. wormman

    Bass Fishing Gear

    I suggest you give Joe burns a call or an email. He makes custom rods and is amazing you tell him what you want and he puts it together for u. I just ordered a spinnerbait rod myself. I ordered a 6'6 mh. I also ordered a black carbon Johnny Morris reel. I hope this helps
  4. good luck u guys wear them out tomorrow

  5. Go Big Blue!

    1. Tracker1861


      All the way to cutting down the nets! GO CATS!!!

    2. gone fishing
  6. broke down in Knoxville. fun:(

    1. Tracker1861


      What are you doing in Knoxville Willie? You still on vacation?

    2. wormman


      No day off. I bought me a truck.

  7. wormman

    Procraft Super Pro 200

    I will defiantly check it out thanks for the advise
  8. wormman

    Procraft Super Pro 200

    Buddy of mine is selling his boat and he offered it to me first and I dont know if I can pass on the offer It is a 2000 procraft super pro 200 with a mercury 200 hp motor. He is offering it to me for around 9000. I dont know much about procraft since i have only been on 1 and that was years ago. R they worth the investment what do you guys think?
  9. Go Cats I wish they would hurry and start

  10. heading back down to norris for a weekend tourny

    1. whj812


      Good Luck!! Stop by and see us at the USA Bassin Tx!!

    2. gone fishing
    3. Tracker1861


      Good luck Willie, hope you bring home the win.

  11. getting ready for my trip to norris

    1. Tracker1861


      Hope you wear 'em out Willie.

    2. Wiseguy909
  12. go cats another one bites the dust

  13. go cats another one bites the dust