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  1. Finesser

    Trolling in Bass Tournaments

    This is the first *I have ever heard of this, so I have a dumb question: If a fish strikes their lure while their motor is running (not likely, but IF), what are they legally required to do if it gets hooked? Turn it loose? (reckon so~) But reckon everybody would??? In the non-pro txs without observers??? Not legal there, I assume...
  2. Finesser

    Norris 11-19-2011

    On the calendar, it says the tx is out of pt. 19, but the tx trail page says Brogans. So-- it IS at Brogan's, and it is gonna happen?
  3. Finesser

    Fishing Logs

    We have a host of logs collected from the '70's, 80's, and 90's, mostly. Any bids??? JUST KIDDING. I (partially) made up a saying based on what we were hearing back in those early days: Wind out of the east, fish bite the least. Wind out of the west, fish bite the best. Wind out of the south, fish open their mouth. Wind out of the north, fish bite the worth. I later learned all that was not necessarily true.
  4. Finesser

    Bait size or retrieve

    I agree with MountainMan and LunkerHunter. Those 1 out of 10 days can sneak up on you and leave you scratching your head. If you can, I'd say go out *together as many times as necessary before the tx, one fishing one style and the other fishing the other, and prove it to yourselves. Stick with it all day and see how it adds up, comparing catches. If you can, give it another day's try. That can give you the confidence you'll need for tx day. Then again, on days when our usual light stuff didn't work, going *even lighter* made all the difference. (1/16 oz. +/or 4 lb. line) --Finesser
  5. Finesser

    New Member

  6. Finesser

    Boat remodel

    I was talking about YOU!
  7. Finesser

    Boat remodel

    Finished reading the 2nd half. Boat really looks good! *Somebody deserves to be treated to a fishing trip this week.
  8. Finesser

    Boat remodel

    Boy, you country boys sure eat good. I'm sure you appreciated Mama's good cooking. Great sense of humor, too.
  9. Finesser

    Another New Member

    WOOPS! I believe I've been giving your partner tips and information!
  10. Finesser

    Another New Member

    Laughing... I'm still using the old 35mm myself, and add to that I'm slower than Christmas, and add to that I'm the worst procrastinator in the world, and that equals= if I show pics, it'll probably take 2-3 months. <g>
  11. Finesser

    Another New Member

    Thank ye, thank ye, thank ye!
  12. Finesser

    Another New Member

    Hey, everybody! A good fishing buddy told me about this site, and it sure looks good. I might as well say upfront what many people know about me and my husband (Grubman on Norris Lake)-- everything we catch is on the grub or the worm, and if they won't hit that, we won't catch 'em. We're just too stubborn, and love it too much. Go 99.9% for smallmouth. --Finesser