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  1. RobMaz

    Where to buy?

    No leak! There were two impressions on the hatch seal. I must have closed the front hatch with the string that's attached to the hatch out of place. I let it sit in the sun and the seal seemed to expand to original form. Ready to rock.
  2. RobMaz

    Where to buy?

    Thanks. I'll check tomorrow. Going to spray a hose on the hatches to verify leakage.
  3. RobMaz

    Where to buy?

    I picked up the Tarpon 120 at Mahoney's. It's sweet but I think my front hatch is leaking, had water inside after the rain.
  4. RobMaz

    Where to buy?

    No I haven't been to Mahoney's yet. That's where I got my Ride 135. I've been checking out all the vids and reviews for the Tarpon 120 and the Jacksons. I like the Cruise 12 a lot. I really just want a stripped down river boat. Carry 2 rods and a plano box. The Ride is rigged for the lakes, when I paddled up river at the Kingsport spot it was really tough for me. The guy in the Tarpon 120 had a much easier time. I'll go to Mahoney's this weekend. P.S. I'm available as a float partner anytime. Got a Silverado so transport is easy.
  5. RobMaz

    Where to buy?

    I hear ya. I wish there was a shop close by that had all of them to test out. The Coosa HD looks sweet, not cheap though.
  6. RobMaz

    Where to buy?

    That'd be cool. I have a Ride 135. I want a lighter river boat. Thanks
  7. RobMaz

    Where to buy?

    I want to check out the WS Tarpon 120. I'm in Elizabethton. Mahoneys has a very limited supply of yaks. I know I can order it but I want to check it out first. Any recommendations? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome. I just moved to E-town a few weeks ago. Very excited to be here and looking forward to good fishing and meeting some of the guys.