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  1. basslover79

    Moonlight problems

    I had trouble with mine and Moonlite fixed it free of charge. I talked with them over the phone and they seem like very nice people. They have my business from now on
  2. basslover79

    TNBF Tx #1 Cherokee Results

    I made it but was a little late. lol! Congrats to the winners, looks like you all had a good day
  3. basslover79

    TNBF Tx#1 Cherokee Sign Up Page

    Ok. I am gonna try to make it if I don't have to work Sat.
  4. basslover79

    New to me Statos

    Sharp ride!
  5. basslover79

    TNBF Tx#1 Cherokee Sign Up Page

    What time do you think everyone should be there by?
  6. basslover79


    I have Shimano's and Abu Garcia's and love them both. The curado is probably smoother casting than my revo's though.
  7. basslover79

    trailer hubs

    I never use the bearing buddy because of the back seal problem, I always use the ones on the inside of the hub. I went to oreilly's and bought a spare hub and bearing's to keep in the boat for around $40.
  8. basslover79

    new graph

    I bought my Elite7 from bbg marine and he will have all my future business from now on. He beat all the other prices I could find.
  9. basslover79

    TNBF Tx#10 Boone Results

    Congrats to the winners
  10. basslover79

    Tourney #9 Cherokee Results

    Congrats on the win Wes and Promax
  11. basslover79

    TNBF TX#9 Cherokee Sign Up

    Where exactly is the ramp at? What time would you have to be there by?
  12. basslover79

    Tackle Whorehouse

    Tackle whorehouse?
  13. basslover79

    rubrail blacklights

    Superbrightleds.com has some good deals on the strips. I watched a youtube video of a guy using them and they looked very bright. It is the ones that look like they are in little tubes not the flat ones on the website. I am thinking of trying them out.
  14. basslover79

    24 Volt TM wiring

    I just ended up leaving all 4 wires in the boat, that way if something happens to one of them I can just switch them out pretty quick.