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  1. New to me!!!

    what a sled. and a sweet deal, too. you, sir, have found nirvana.
  2. more knowledge

    welcome aboard! you'll find a ton of useful info in the reports sections. recommend spending some time reading thru those.
  3. Took the plunge!!!

    So, got the latest shipment from Doug. Craws were perfect (as always) and the flukes look fabulous. That smoke-grey fluke is gonna be killa, Doug. Thanks for turning these so quickly!
  4. welcome aboard, clay! if you're in NE TN this is the right place for you - tons of good info in the reports sections. the board also has a tourney trail (and some very fine sticks).
  5. Looking to learn

    Thank you for serving, Stan. Appreciate the sacrifices you and your family make for us. Barkley is huge body of water. Recommend breaking it down into smaller, more manageable chunks. That'll make it easier on to you learn, absorb. Same-same for the other big lakes and rivers in TN. Hanging out in places like this is a good thing. Tons of useful info in the reports sections. Recommend spending some time going thru those. You'll glean some helpful hints on baits, presentations, depths, all of it. There used to be a big fishing club on FT Campbell. Check w/ the MWR outdoor rec guys there to see if it's still around. Linking up w/ someone who's been in the area a while will be beneficial. Getting out w/ a few of the old hands will be even more helpful. If you make your way to east TN send me a PM. I'll give you everything I have on the lakes, rivers in this region. ATW, B
  6. Took the plunge!!!

    check PM, Doug. happy holidays! B
  7. Gloves

    I've had a number of cold weather injuries on my hands so gloves are a big deal for me. I use the Serius polypropylene compression gloves (get'em at any sports store). They keep my hands warm after getting wet. The compression fit provides support. The tight fit allows me to work a reel and even tie knots (albeit very slowly). $20.
  8. Intro to BASS FISH

    welcome aboard. lotsa good stuff in here - recommend spending some time going thru the reports posted on here. tons of info that'll help you get started.
  9. Yessir. there is one manufacturer I know who does that now. They use a fiber guard - not quite as thick or as many strands as a jig weed guard but still effective. Allows you to do some very cool things w/ the underspin that would otherwise get you into trouble.
  10. have you made the underspin w/ a weedguard? if not, can you?
  11. I was so pleased w/ my first purchase that I ordered a 2nd ALX - this time their Zolo Dream spinnerbait rod. I've kinda rediscovered spinnerbaits this year and have been using a collection of rods that were more available than they are suited for the purpose. Having learned (the hard way) about matching rod and reel to presentation I broke down and ordered this one. It's a 7' med/fast blank w/ a nice parabolic flex. Good, stout butt end and a very sensitive tip. Same micro guides as the crankin' stick I ordered a few months back. Once again, superb balance, terrific attention to detail on the assembly and craftsmanship. Will take it out this weekend for a test drive. Toobie is now stocking Watson's w/ a sample of ALX rods. If you're in the area go check'em out. peace, B
  12. I have seen the face of God.

    LMAO! Works for me.
  13. Shaky head

    I use straight fluoro. Usually 10#. I'll go up to 12# is the cover is gnarly, down to 8# is the water is super clear.
  14. I have seen the face of God.

    Now, that's a helluva name. We're gonna hafta come up w/ something a lil shorter if I'm ever gonna remember it. This is very clever. Bet it's hell to cast into the wind w/ all those blades.
  15. ALX rods

    Bumping for Toobie. Rick, you need to get out more often, dood.