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  1. Welcome aboard, RB1998! I'm w/ Wes: This site puts on tourneys that are exactly what you're looking for. Some darn good sticks on this site, all of whom will help you learn and grow as an angler and competitor. Spending some time going thru older reports (esp tourney reports) will go a long way to help you learn bodies of water and formulate plans for practice/events.
  2. Those new lizards were the shizz today, Doug. The Blue Ugly is what we're gonna call it.
  3. those look fabulous. looks like you added some cushion, too. nice.
  4. Thanks for jumping on my order so quickly, Doug. Congrats on the new operation.
  5. Donkey rig is killer when bait moves up shallow in spring and fall. Also very effective over schoolers.
  6. You're gonna get a shoulder workout throwing that thing, dood. I like the idea. You might wanna start off with two, then work your way up to max load. Check out the donkey rig when you get a minute - it may give you some ideas on how to rig this one up.
  7. 31Airborne

    New Boat

    Sweet looking sled - congrats!
  8. Congrats! A great hull. Triton makes a great riding boat, for sure.
  9. Doug - looking forward to hearing you're up and running. Craws remain a mainstay for me. The flukes have been especially productive this year. Think your plastic formula and the action it imparts is the difference. Hope all is well. B
  10. nice. hope to see you on the H2O soon.
  11. ahhhh, another Triton owner. good man. welcome aboard!
  12. welcome aboard! lotsa good place in TN to fish. chances are you're only a few mins drive away from one. +1 on letting us know where you are. will help dial things in a bit.
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