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  1. welcome aboard! recommend having a lil red in that watermelon. just sayin' . . .
  2. welcome aboard! you'll find lots of useful stuff in here - reports, boating info, tournament strategies - to help you get started.
  3. welcome aboard! lots of tributaries/creeks feeding into center hill. while I wouldn't take a 'yak onto the main lake, I believe you'll find lots of safe fishing area in the backwater regions. in fact, you'll have ready access to areas tin and glas boats can't go.
  4. Steve - try a heavier wire hook.
  5. I have a nice assortment of doug's stick baits - caught many fish on them.
  6. Copy - thanks. Not a good move by Merc. Too many pros and high profile anglers out there running their products. I don't think a quality issue like this will bode w/ them.
  7. painful as this has been there's a bit of good news - a plug backing out is way easier to manage than a casting problem. human error, not mechanical. gotta love those warranties. glad you're back in business.
  8. The model, generation will come up on the first splash page. It'll also show all of the functions (SI, DI, Mega, etc). Bar code stickers don't just come off. They're secured pretty well. Like Steve said, I'd be a lil leery on this one. Do a complete function check on it before pulling the trigger.
  9. Drove by Cherokee yesterday. Lake is still down at ~winter pool. Be sure to spend some time looking at charts before you head out. All kinds of little nasties lurking just under the surface at this water level. REC staying in the main channel(s) until you familiarize yourself. With the coming full moon I'd say the LM will be up and locked on. Spots and SM tend to spawn a little sooner so you'll likely find them in about every stage. Dunno squat about crappie. Airborne only catches them by mistake. same-same w/ stripers.
  10. Y'all better be careful about bragging on y'all's big heads. Andy may start charging more for all that extra cranial capacity. Just sayin' . . .
  11. Figgers. What do Yankees know? Ol' punkinhead.
  12. Congrats on the new sled. Tin boars today are nothing like the one I had 20+ years ago. Sturdy, smooth riding, smart layouts.
  13. Yep, have seen them in the water and they work. VDGIF (VA's counterpart to TWRA) use artificial structure and cover in many of our lakes and rivers. Almost all of the fish attractant signs you seen on VA waters are tied to artificial arrays. You have to have permission to sink these and there are strict guidelines as to where they can/cannot go (for all the obvious safety reasons). Airborne likes bricks. And sticks.
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