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  1. 31Airborne

    Line age

    Think you'll be OK, Steve. I have several spools on hand that are several years old. No memory, performance issues w/ them.
  2. 31Airborne

    Line age

    I use a cheaper line to fill the initial 1/3 to 1/2 of the spool as a base, then finish with the line I use for fishing. Cuts down the waste (and the cost). The down side to this is I have to respool a bit more frequently (because of reties, line breaks, knicks, etc).
  3. 31Airborne

    Line age

    Steve - if it's more than a year old I'd change it out. Fluoro and mono are susceptible to UV degradation (fluoro more so). There's also the kink problem that comes w/ high memory lines. And the knicks and dings that come with fishing in heavy cover. You'll wanna eliminate the potential for a line break during a cast or while trying to land a fish. Fluoro can get brittle with age. I buy the 1000 yd spools for my line bag. Have had no issues w/ it staying 'fresh'. I don't keep the line bag in the truck where it gets too or cold. I've ruined a couple spools that way. As a general rule, I'll respool fluoro and mono every other event; braid once a year. I use a solid backing so I'm not wasting/trashing good line.
  4. The 30 MAY Quarryville event looking good for me right now. Quarryville is the rmap right off of 11W, just west of Bean Station, yes?
  5. welcome [back] aboard! nothing like fishing w/ the kids. many fond memories of my girls' trips w/ me. lots to look forward to in your future!
  6. Hatfield had/has a thread on here w/ some of his work. It's pretty darned good.
  7. 31Airborne

    Skeeter FTW

    congrats, dood! what a great sled. you will love that HPDI.
  8. Welcome aboard, RB1998! I'm w/ Wes: This site puts on tourneys that are exactly what you're looking for. Some darn good sticks on this site, all of whom will help you learn and grow as an angler and competitor. Spending some time going thru older reports (esp tourney reports) will go a long way to help you learn bodies of water and formulate plans for practice/events.
  9. Those new lizards were the shizz today, Doug. The Blue Ugly is what we're gonna call it.
  10. those look fabulous. looks like you added some cushion, too. nice.
  11. Thanks for jumping on my order so quickly, Doug. Congrats on the new operation.
  12. Donkey rig is killer when bait moves up shallow in spring and fall. Also very effective over schoolers.
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