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  1. 31Airborne

    New Boat

    Sweet looking sled - congrats!
  2. Congrats! A great hull. Triton makes a great riding boat, for sure.
  3. Doug - looking forward to hearing you're up and running. Craws remain a mainstay for me. The flukes have been especially productive this year. Think your plastic formula and the action it imparts is the difference. Hope all is well. B
  4. nice. hope to see you on the H2O soon.
  5. ahhhh, another Triton owner. good man. welcome aboard!
  6. welcome aboard! lotsa good place in TN to fish. chances are you're only a few mins drive away from one. +1 on letting us know where you are. will help dial things in a bit.
  7. steve - everything I've read/heard/been told says when you release right away there's no need to fizz. it's when you carry them around in your live well all day long that drives the requirement to fizz. I use the fin clips. fizzing isn't something to be undertaken lightly. you can ruin a fish as easily as you can help. clips are a safe, non-invasive alternative. they work.
  8. Yep, 73 in a Z20 is really good (I'm assuming you have a 250). Those Bullets and Allisons will flat scare the bajeebies out of you. Rode in one (1) (just one) Allison - hit 101. On the Potomac River. Thought I was gonna poop my britches. I threw up when I got ashore. Never again. 65-70 in my sleaux Triton is just fine.
  9. I'd say between 55 and 65. Many of the 18'ers can break 60 w/ a lite load. The bigger boats w/ 225s or 250s will run 70+. You're gonna get a variety of answers to this question - many doods have sleds that'll run faster than they like to drive them. Lots of variables to consider: comfort, skippering skills, water conditions, boat traffic. All of these affect how fast one can or should drive their boat.
  10. welcome aboard! lots of good 'yak water in your neck of the woods.
  11. welcome aboard! recommend having a lil red in that watermelon. just sayin' . . .
  12. welcome aboard! you'll find lots of useful stuff in here - reports, boating info, tournament strategies - to help you get started.
  13. welcome aboard! lots of tributaries/creeks feeding into center hill. while I wouldn't take a 'yak onto the main lake, I believe you'll find lots of safe fishing area in the backwater regions. in fact, you'll have ready access to areas tin and glas boats can't go.
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