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  1. For the record, sneaux sux.

    That is all.

  2. Nice work, doods. Always rewarding to catch them when the conditions are tuff. I have a couple of TJ's baits. He does amazing work indeed. I know I say this every year but now that I'm working part time only, I will make it down for an event in 2022. Happy holidays, y'all!
  3. welcome aboard! lotsa useful info in here. you'll have no trouble getting dialed in to using the artificial stuff.
  4. +1 on going w/ a 4-blade. REC trying a 21 and 19P, in that order. There is also a device called a holeshot plate. It fits inside your jackplate (if you have one).
  5. so, from the dood who prefers a lil color in the water when he's fishing . . . yep, cover water but use your electronix to help you determine where the fish are holding. if you mark fish, then give it a try. no fish, move on to the next spot. with the water level being that dynamic, they're gonna pull back to a depth where they feel it's ~stable, esp the post-spawners. i'd start w/ 5-8', then pull back to 8-12'. shallower water tends to clear up first so don't completely ignore the skinny stuff. points will always hold fish. don't forget transition lanes - those places fish use to move to/from spawning grounds to holding areas.
  6. +1 on Merc. A 150 or 175 would go nicely on that Triton you have in mind. The business model behind outboard engines will drive the market to 4-strokes exclusively. No money and no time for maintaining duplicate supply chains. It's just the smart move.
  7. So, I'm a believer. I can feel the difference. The data depicting the sound difference under water is irrefutable. The density of tungsten allows me to use smaller profile weights. That's a huge enabler when swimming my t-rig or c-rig (I throw both a lot) thru heavy cover. I recommend staying away from the weights w/ the little plastic sleeves. I find they do more damage to line than weight without the sleeves. The pain of making this switch was the price - the Tn weights are expensive. The good news is more people are selling them so prices are coming down a bit. For me, the extra cost is worth what I get on the performance end.
  8. +1 on Brwnbass' recommendation. Saw Chris Lane do this on one of the BASS fishing shows. It works!
  9. I agree w/ JDV - you'll get a lot of performance and life from the bigger battery.
  10. +1 on Interstate wet cell batts. You can get them anywhere, lots of places honor their warranty.
  11. welcome aboard! thank you for your service to our nation. Real C-c-c-c-c-c-av. Airborne earned his spurs w/ 2-8 CAV
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