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  1. I picked up my 4th Triton this past MON - another 21'er. You will be pleased with the storage layout, the ride, and the quality of workmanship. You won't be disappointed. Fished out of (but never drove) a 20' Stratos. A lil heavier than the Triton but overall performance was indiscernible. Smooth in heavy water, smart deck layout. About the same on top end speed. Both are Earl Bentz hulls, btw. You will have a ~small learning curve as you adjust to driving the bigger, more powerful 20' rig. Chine walking will be an issue if you trim up too fast. All a matter of practice and repetition. A good day on the water fixes this easily. The Tr20 is a mid-range performance boat. It's designed for ~optimum top end speed while giving you stability and security in choppy water. (The X-boats - Tr20X/Tr21X - were the squirrelly ones. Designed for top end speed [my Tr 21X did 83.1 GPS]. They took a little extra time to get to know, learn the feel on.) Do not think you'd have any major issues picking up on the feel for either of the options you list above. When I made the move from an 18-6 to a 21'er I never looked back. The extra room, extra power, extra range are all things you'll come to rely on in short order.
  2. +1 - they killed the design. I got the jersey hoodie and it rocks.
  3. 31Airborne


    Karma - it may be a case of weathering. Weather (esp extreme heat or cold) will ruin fishing line. If you've kept the rods spooled w/ the Fuoroclear in places where they're constantly exposed to the ups-n-downs of weather that's prob the case. I use Fluoroclear on my jerkbait rods. I like the fact that it floats. Allows me to pick up those subtle bites. I've had no issues w/ breaking.
  4. Doug - Merc is saying their new 4-strokes weigh the ~same as the Opti-maxes. I went with the Pro XS on my new sled. Airborne needs all the ponies hims can get.
  5. 31Airborne

    Bladed jigs

    Like any new bait, it always takes a lil time to figure out the when/where/how pieces. For me, the bladed jig is something that comes into play during the shad spawn, when fishing over/near grass, and when fishing stained water. I'll use it interchangeably with the spinnerbait in windy conditions.
  6. 31Airborne


    When this happens or when the follow your crankbait without biting it try slowing down the retrieve or use a stop-n-go retrieve. Way to stay with it!
  7. I'm trackin', Andy. It's smart business - especially in manufacturing - to limit the models/variations and focus on a narrower line. That's how you eliminate variance, enable quality. My FoM partner's Skeeter had a SHO 250 on it. It was bullet proof. Great hole shot. A little slower on top end speed but that prob a function of how much crap he kept in the boat (besides me).
  8. Ummmm, I got a slightly different story from the folks at Watson's. Yes, Merc is trying to recapture 4-stroke market share but there was a reason they didn't go higher than the 225 on their new model. Their engineers believe the aggregate emissions rating for Merc marine motors will drop low enough w/ the HP ratings they'll offer on the new line to continue making the more powerful 2-strokes w/o EPA penalty. The Pro XS may be replaced at some time but it won't be soon, according to the Watson's staff. Now, if California invades the rest of the country and attempts to overlay its obsessive-compulsive environmental laws on us marine motors will be a thing of the past . . . period.
  9. 31Airborne


    What Nobby said - I use jerk baits year 'round, not just in cold wx.
  10. 31Airborne


    I use them routinely throughout the year, not just in cold temps. Yep, they're proud of them but they out-catch all the other brands hands down. I pushed back from paying their price for a couple years. Finally got tired of my partner out-catching my LCs and Rapalas 5 to 1 (no kidding). Bought my first couple then and haven't looked back.
  11. 31Airborne


    Not a dummy bait and don't feel bad. Have had many outing where I threw a crank bait 1000s of times and never got a bite. Here are a couple things to consider that may help: 1) The bait has to hit something. If it's not banging off of bottom, rocks, or submerged wood you're not deep enough. 2) Match the hatch. This means color, size, and shape. 3) Don't be afraid to throw weird colors (chartreuse, bite orange or yellow) in stained water. 4) Bigger doesn't always catch big fish. My best crank bait fish have all come on smaller profile baits. See #2 above. 5) Use the right gear. I use a MED power, medium action rod for squarebills and medium depth runners. Anything stiffer will pull the bait away from the fish when you load it up. I use a MH/moderate rod for deep divers. I usually spool w/ #12 fluoro. If the water is gin clear I'll go down to #10. 6) Change out the factory hooks. They're not always the best quality. I like Mustad triple grips.
  12. The hi-liting function is built into the software in your unit's hard drive. It's neither tied to nor dependent on the map card.
  13. they are superb. amazing detail. if those are the only lakes you'll fish that's the card for you. if you're going to go anywhere else consider Navionics Platinum. it has the best coverage (most lakes, rivers).
  14. 31Airborne

    New boat

    nice, steve. tons of things you can do w/ that sled.
  15. very nice. the brown-n-orange pattern is my fav. I wouldn't throw that in SM water.
  16. +1 - gives you storage redundancy. Should you ever replace or upgrade one unit you'll still have the data from the other unit.
  17. +1 on Quicksilver. As long as you're using a rated oil for your big motor you'll be fine.
  18. Wow. What a great fish. Congrats, dood.
  19. LOL! Love me some small water fishing. Welcome aboard!
  20. +1 - Doug's baits do not have an effect on other baits or skirts. About as benign a formulation one could ask for.
  21. Just read an interesting comment from a woman in Florida who asks why the 2nd Amendment hasn't been repealed in light of recent mass killings.  Guns, in her mind, are causing all of these tragedies.  Eliminate the guns and you eliminate the problem.  She didn't mention anything about knives, explosive booby traps, landmines, or poisons . . .

    I wonder if she'll do the natural follow-up and demand cars be declared illegal.  After all, drunk and inattentive drivers kill more people than shooters do.  We should hold car manufacturers accountable for their blatant disregard for human life.  And what about alcohol?  It was outlawed once, you know.  Why isn't alcohol being declared illegal again in light of so many people dying of addiction related conditions?  Damn booze makers - we should jail them all.  It's their fault.

    And then there are the drug makers.  Drugs are already illegal (for the most part) yet we don't go after drug makers like the public is going after gun manufacturers right now.  It is, after all, their fault people are becoming addicted.  The doctors who prescribe them are complicit, too.  So are the nurses, PAs, and rehab staff.  Jail all of them while we're at it.

    Franklin Graham - Billy's son - had an interesting comment on this horrific event.  His observation was nowhere in the discussion is the role of evil thought or impetus.  While we charge off into the sunset looking to blame someone or something for all of this needless suffering we run right past the cause of it all - Satan.  And while we scurry about dodging and attributing blame Satan just smiles. 

    1. SteveHTN



      That’s how Texas responds to school shootings 

    2. Whopper


      Awesome. We have a local Sheriff here the next county (Hamilton) down that has offered CCW classes to any teacher that wants them. He also wants the schools to be able to let armed retired military roam the halls to help with keeping the kids safe

    3. brwnbass


      You can't reason with the snowflake liberals on anything. Im beginning to believe that some (alot) of them really do have dangerous mental disorders. And the day may be soon coming when the rest of us have had enough & things will get really ugly.

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  22. You won't be disappointed. Doug is a real artist. He makes a quality product.
  23. +1 - grass and any other heavy cover
  24. These look like the Megabass product - the underweight is supposed to be a huge help to keeping the rig horizontal. Very nice. Red eyes???
  25. 31Airborne

    Jig pouring

    I make my own skirts but not the jigheads. I buy those from someone who does it as a hobby. It's a lil more involved than some may think - melting/pouring lead requires some degree of ventilation, there are humidity and static electricity issues that require mitigation, getting the right lead is often not as cost-effective as it once was, and using recycled lead doesn't yield a quality product unless it's been reprocessed/refined. That said . . . There's nothing like catching a fish on something you've researched, designed, and made. It's about as cool a thing as there is in fishing.
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