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  1. 31Airborne

    Float and fly

    I use a standard spinning rig (7-6) and a slip float set-up. 15# braid as a base line w/ an 8# fluoro or co-poly leader. Knot is small enuff to make it thru the guides w/o issue. Knot is large enuff to hold the bead that stops the float. Solves the casting and hook set issues some folks have. Also a lot easier to store on board.
  2. 31Airborne

    Metal blade vibe lures

    +1 - snap, swivel, or split ring. You have to have something between the blade and the line. If you're fishing in striper waters (all of TN) you want at least a 20# snaplink. Doesn't take much to break off one of the weaker ones.
  3. 31Airborne

    Fishing Jersey

    nice! let's giddy-up geaux on this.
  4. 31Airborne

    Bomber Fat Free Shad

    I love them. TN shad, citrus shad, and all white have been the most productive colors. The medium runner (6 series) is about the best all-round crankin' bait I've used. Great in rocks or brush. Doesn't dive quite to the max depth right out of the box but a few simple adjustments will get you there (and then some). The older Bomber bait style has the pointy bill. It's a little more erratic on the retrieve. Has a little bit longer body. Don't buy any of the fire tiger baits in this style. They don't work at all in stained water.
  5. 31Airborne

    Fishing Jersey

    Real men wear pink. Just sayin' . . . If it's not Vol orange what shade is it? Walmart hunting orange? inquiring minds wanna know. Lil purple and gold would dress it up nicely.
  6. 31Airborne

    Fishing Jersey

    Looks great, Andy. I'm in.
  7. 31Airborne

    Damiki Technique

    there ya go - very nice
  8. 31Airborne

    Damiki Technique

    Nice. I've watched maybe 30 or 40 videos on this technique over the past few weeks. In every one of vids I've seen the host/commentator makes a point to emphasize the importance of having eyes on the head. A few of them say red eyes are the key. Seems to me the profile and movement of the soft plastic bait would be the things drawing the fishes' attention. My guess is you're catching just as many w/ your eyeless heads as someone using a head w/ eyes.
  9. 31Airborne

    Fishing Jersey

    Wow. They do some nice work. If we could wicker a group buy from TNBF as a 'team buy' we could get some first rate jerseys for ~half of what the other doods charge.
  10. 31Airborne

    Damiki Technique

    Nice. Key thing: hooks HAVE to have the 90* turn.
  11. Has anyone heard from or about Softy?  We were texting up until about 1000 yesterday AM and he dropped off the net.  When was his surgery?

    1. SteveHTN


      His surgery was today. I haven’t heard anything yet. Hopefully he did well

    2. 31Airborne


      UPDATE:  Just got a text from Doug's daughter.  He is in surgery now.

      A bit more:  he had another episode (think that means minor cardiac event) about an hour or so ago.  He's having a ruff day between this and the event Karma told us about earlier.

  12. So, if'n it's OK with y'all I'm quite ready for spring.  This -15*F wind chill has about given me all the winter experience I need.  I'm ready for some heat.

    1. Mountainman


      I typically enjoy our mid south Winters.....enough cold & snow to get a taste, but not overkill......but this sh*t is ridiculous. Tried making a weld outside yesterday. Tried being the operative word. Apparently, no matter how much you preheat aluminum, it still don't wanna melt at 10*......

    2. Whopper


      Yep, I had enough already. The rivers here are even frozen. 

    3. SteveHTN


      I’ve been lucky enough to be out west lately, praise God. Otherwise this flu I’ve had for a week would go on another month

  13. 31Airborne

    Damiki Technique

    Try a lil Pam spray or Reel Magic on your guides.
  14. 31Airborne

    Damiki Technique

    I've been working this rig for the past 2 years. The only consistent thing I've noted in those 2 years is that this presentation is inconsistent. You just gotta be flexible. The key is having a plastic bait that's the same size and color pattern as the bass' preferred forage. If I don't get a bite on one size I usually go down (say, from 4" to 3" or from 3" to 2"). Sometimes they want it a little bigger. You have to experiment a bit until you find the right combo of size and color pattern. And even then it's not a given it'll work. On my last outing I couldn't get a sniff with a vertical presentation. I could see the bait fluttering in front of the suspended fish. Nothing. I tried bouncing it off the bottom and got bit on my second cast - a solid keeper. From there I jigged it down points and along ledges. I caught three more keepers doing this. Then the bite died. When I'm learning something new it's usually the only thing I take out. It's my way of forcing me to learn, to pay attention. Most days it pays off (eventually), thru a comedy of errors or plain luck. Some days nothing works. The fish just don't wanna eat (anything). The replies from some of the other doods telling you to hang in there a bit longer for the cold to really set in is telling. They've shared an element to their patterns that you haven't perhaps considered - that a combination of water temp, time of year, lake level, etc are key parts of success w/ this rig. Go back thru your most recent outings. Make some notes on water temp, presentation, bait size, jighead size and shape. When you go out next make notes on what you do, especially when you make adjustments. Make note of what you saw or thought to prompt the change. After few a outings you'll have enough data points to be able to narrow down the set of conditions that are best for the damiki. FYI - this approach isn't unique to the damiki. It's what we do when we're trying to learn any new presentation or bait. Hang in there!
  15. 31Airborne


    +1 on Softy's swimbaits. I have several sizes, 2.5" up to 7". He makes a terrific paddle tail bait. Also makes terrific flukes. I also use the Keitechs. I like the 2.8" for the damiki rig, the 3-4" baits for the a-rig. Gambler Big EZ and Little EZ are some other good choices.
  16. 31Airborne

    New “boat”. LOL

    Steve - I, for one, am jealous. Have been wanting a yak for years. You may have just pushed me over the edge. Congrats on the new toy.
  17. 31Airborne

    on-board charging

    I, too, leave the charger plugged in all the time. Once the batts are fully charged the unit switches to the trickle mode (like MM describes above). I also plug in the charger as soon as I return from a trip.
  18. 31Airborne

    Winter head gear?

    When it's super cold I use a vented motorcycle helmet. Bike riders have the same issue boat drivers do - fogs up until you start moving. I didn't spend a ton of $ for mine - maybe $50 at a bike shop. When it's not too cold I use a Seirus balaclava. It has a vented facepiece. Windproof, waterproof, and very warm. I wear my sunglasses with it. No issues. $25 at your neighborhood Cabela's or REI store.
  19. 31Airborne

    New to me!!!

    what a sled. and a sweet deal, too. you, sir, have found nirvana.
  20. 31Airborne

    more knowledge

    welcome aboard! you'll find a ton of useful info in the reports sections. recommend spending some time reading thru those.
  21. 31Airborne

    Took the plunge!!!

    So, got the latest shipment from Doug. Craws were perfect (as always) and the flukes look fabulous. That smoke-grey fluke is gonna be killa, Doug. Thanks for turning these so quickly!
  22. welcome aboard, clay! if you're in NE TN this is the right place for you - tons of good info in the reports sections. the board also has a tourney trail (and some very fine sticks).
  23. 31Airborne

    Looking to learn

    Thank you for serving, Stan. Appreciate the sacrifices you and your family make for us. Barkley is huge body of water. Recommend breaking it down into smaller, more manageable chunks. That'll make it easier on to you learn, absorb. Same-same for the other big lakes and rivers in TN. Hanging out in places like this is a good thing. Tons of useful info in the reports sections. Recommend spending some time going thru those. You'll glean some helpful hints on baits, presentations, depths, all of it. There used to be a big fishing club on FT Campbell. Check w/ the MWR outdoor rec guys there to see if it's still around. Linking up w/ someone who's been in the area a while will be beneficial. Getting out w/ a few of the old hands will be even more helpful. If you make your way to east TN send me a PM. I'll give you everything I have on the lakes, rivers in this region. ATW, B
  24. 31Airborne

    Took the plunge!!!

    check PM, Doug. happy holidays! B
  25. 31Airborne


    I've had a number of cold weather injuries on my hands so gloves are a big deal for me. I use the Serius polypropylene compression gloves (get'em at any sports store). They keep my hands warm after getting wet. The compression fit provides support. The tight fit allows me to work a reel and even tie knots (albeit very slowly). $20.