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  1. 31Airborne

    Took the plunge!!!

    So, got the latest shipment from Doug. Craws were perfect (as always) and the flukes look fabulous. That smoke-grey fluke is gonna be killa, Doug. Thanks for turning these so quickly!
  2. welcome aboard, clay! if you're in NE TN this is the right place for you - tons of good info in the reports sections. the board also has a tourney trail (and some very fine sticks).
  3. 31Airborne

    Looking to learn

    Thank you for serving, Stan. Appreciate the sacrifices you and your family make for us. Barkley is huge body of water. Recommend breaking it down into smaller, more manageable chunks. That'll make it easier on to you learn, absorb. Same-same for the other big lakes and rivers in TN. Hanging out in places like this is a good thing. Tons of useful info in the reports sections. Recommend spending some time going thru those. You'll glean some helpful hints on baits, presentations, depths, all of it. There used to be a big fishing club on FT Campbell. Check w/ the MWR outdoor rec guys there to see if it's still around. Linking up w/ someone who's been in the area a while will be beneficial. Getting out w/ a few of the old hands will be even more helpful. If you make your way to east TN send me a PM. I'll give you everything I have on the lakes, rivers in this region. ATW, B
  4. 31Airborne

    Took the plunge!!!

    check PM, Doug. happy holidays! B
  5. 31Airborne


    I've had a number of cold weather injuries on my hands so gloves are a big deal for me. I use the Serius polypropylene compression gloves (get'em at any sports store). They keep my hands warm after getting wet. The compression fit provides support. The tight fit allows me to work a reel and even tie knots (albeit very slowly). $20.
  6. 31Airborne

    Intro to BASS FISH

    welcome aboard. lotsa good stuff in here - recommend spending some time going thru the reports posted on here. tons of info that'll help you get started.
  7. Yessir. there is one manufacturer I know who does that now. They use a fiber guard - not quite as thick or as many strands as a jig weed guard but still effective. Allows you to do some very cool things w/ the underspin that would otherwise get you into trouble.
  8. have you made the underspin w/ a weedguard? if not, can you?
  9. I was so pleased w/ my first purchase that I ordered a 2nd ALX - this time their Zolo Dream spinnerbait rod. I've kinda rediscovered spinnerbaits this year and have been using a collection of rods that were more available than they are suited for the purpose. Having learned (the hard way) about matching rod and reel to presentation I broke down and ordered this one. It's a 7' med/fast blank w/ a nice parabolic flex. Good, stout butt end and a very sensitive tip. Same micro guides as the crankin' stick I ordered a few months back. Once again, superb balance, terrific attention to detail on the assembly and craftsmanship. Will take it out this weekend for a test drive. Toobie is now stocking Watson's w/ a sample of ALX rods. If you're in the area go check'em out. peace, B
  10. 31Airborne

    I have seen the face of God.

    LMAO! Works for me.
  11. 31Airborne

    Shaky head

    I use straight fluoro. Usually 10#. I'll go up to 12# is the cover is gnarly, down to 8# is the water is super clear.
  12. 31Airborne

    ALX rods

    Our good friend Toobjig signed on as a rep for this small SC outfit. I took a peak at their website and decided to give one a try. I bought their Crank model - it's a 7-4 MED/MOD crankin' stick designed for shallow and medium runners. Here are a few observations right out of the box: 1) The attention to detail in the finish and craftsmanship is immaculate. It is every bit as fine as my top end Loomises. Maybe better. 2) The components are first rate - micro guides, love their split-grip handle, and the blank is lite but sturdy. 3) This thing is balanced to a tee. Very little effort to manage the rig once the reel was mounted. 4) Nothing flashy or gaudy in the finish. As advertised, it's a quality rod built for fishing, not showing. 5) I ordered my rod on a TUES. It arrived on THUR. That's service. If you're in the market for a rod check'em out. Give Toobie a shout if you have questions. I'm headed out this weekend - will follow up w/ a performance report. B
  13. 31Airborne

    I have seen the face of God.

    Now, that's a helluva name. We're gonna hafta come up w/ something a lil shorter if I'm ever gonna remember it. This is very clever. Bet it's hell to cast into the wind w/ all those blades.
  14. 31Airborne

    ALX rods

    Bumping for Toobie. Rick, you need to get out more often, dood.
  15. 31Airborne

    Ned Rig

    Ideally, you want a buoyant plastic bait on the head so it'll stand up straight. A salt impregnated bait (like a senko) will fall over. The flat head helps keep the bait vertical, allegedly easier for the fish to see. Doesn't have to be the Z-man heads (even tho' they'd like you to think that). Spot remover heads have a flat bottom and stand up nicely. Since the Ned rig is usually a lightweight set-up you won't have any real issues using a regular ol' round shakyhead. People said the same thing about the dropshot rig - only produces smaller fish (my best tournament fish [7-11] was caught on a dropshot rigged w/ a 4" minnow bait). Ditto for shakyhead and other finesse presentations - they catch numbers and occasionally big fish. Same-same for the damiki rig. The missing piece to this equation is location - if you're presenting a finesse rig in places where bigger fish hang out the chances are you'll catch one or two. If you're presenting it in places where the punks hang out that's what you're gonna catch. To that end, I put more emphasis on where I'm throwing my Ned rig vc what I'm putting on it or which head I'm using. Just a thought.
  16. 31Airborne

    ALX rods

    A little late on the report - sorry, doods. BLUF: Love this rod. Light weight, easy to manage, casts a 2" medium runner a loooooooooooong way. Tip has the right balance of give and sensitivity. The butt end is stout, strong enough for any fish. The micro guides are a big part of casting distance - virtually no line slap. You'll have to think thru leader material and length if you use a combination line system on your cranking set-up. The uni-uni (or whatever joining knot you use) has a tuff time getting thru the tip and first few guides. I had my reel spooled w/ 12# fluoro. The web site recommends smaller profile lures for this rod. I threw 2" and 2 1/2" baits to start with, all of them for running depths between 4 and 12'. I also played around with deeper divers, just to see how the rod responded when something w/ a big body and bill was tied on. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the rod performed in these cases. I used baits w/ running depths from 16 to 20+' without issue. I didn't make a lot of casts but I made enough to know that it won't wear me out if I elect to use it for deep divers all day. Holler at me if you have specific questions. Give Toobie a call if you're interested.
  17. 31Airborne

    Watson's Marine

    +1. Bought my last boat there. Have referred several who've also bought boats there for this very reason. Mike, Joey, and the crew in the shop are also superb. Aaron and Brandi run a terrific business.
  18. 31Airborne

    Garmin 73 SV Chirp

    the sidescan will revolutionize your fishing. no more guessing whether fish are holding on a certain piece of structure or cover. you'll be able to see it without trolling up on top of it. for me, the biggest advantage of sidescan has been efficiency during practice. I no longer have to make 100s of casts to find fish. now I look at the screen, mark, and move on. I'm able to cover 10 times more water and gather more detailed info. congrats on the new toy.
  19. Is there anyone out there besides me absolutely astounded that it's already the 17th of AUG???  Woof, where is time going?

    1. SteveHTN


      Flying by faster than one of Wes' Nibiru assault ships 

    2. trackertxw175


      Moving faster than a CNN's newscaster with the dirt on the Donald

  20. 31Airborne

    Transducer mounting

    +2. Mtnman nailed it.
  21. 31Airborne

    Livewell pump issue

    Something is draining power. Have you traced the wiring from the pump back to the battery? You may have knick in the insulation (double ground) or maybe a connector has become corroded.
  22. 31Airborne

    ALX Rods

    Gotcha, Toober. Was talking w/ Spinny (Gordon) over the weekend. He and I are talking about a road trip to his AO. Haven't spoken w/ any of the other doods. I'll holler at ya tonite. B
  23. 31Airborne

    ALX Rods

    Web site says they make their blanks ("proprietary blanks"). No names listed on their pro staff tab, only an application process. Must be fairly new? I have several JB Custom rods (also out of NC). FoM price is ~30% cheaper. Might wanna check them out, Tooby.
  24. 31Airborne

    Fiberglass Touch Up

    The guys at Watson's had a dood they referred folks to for glas work. Recommend giving Rex a call - he'll know, steer you to the best option.
  25. 31Airborne

    Hydrowave 2

    I have used the Livingston Lures crankbaits some. Not enuff to offer an informed opinion but I've thrown them a bit. Frankly, I catch more fish on my silent and traditional (rattling) crankbaits than I do w/ LLs. I'm not too keen on the LL color schemes. Lots of glitter in all shapes and colors. Some of their paint jobs are ~realistic but not across the board. The Bomber FF Shad crankbait colors are way more realistic and half the price. My thoughts on gizmos above apply here.