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  1. Just read an interesting comment from a woman in Florida who asks why the 2nd Amendment hasn't been repealed in light of recent mass killings.  Guns, in her mind, are causing all of these tragedies.  Eliminate the guns and you eliminate the problem.  She didn't mention anything about knives, explosive booby traps, landmines, or poisons . . .

    I wonder if she'll do the natural follow-up and demand cars be declared illegal.  After all, drunk and inattentive drivers kill more people than shooters do.  We should hold car manufacturers accountable for their blatant disregard for human life.  And what about alcohol?  It was outlawed once, you know.  Why isn't alcohol being declared illegal again in light of so many people dying of addiction related conditions?  Damn booze makers - we should jail them all.  It's their fault.

    And then there are the drug makers.  Drugs are already illegal (for the most part) yet we don't go after drug makers like the public is going after gun manufacturers right now.  It is, after all, their fault people are becoming addicted.  The doctors who prescribe them are complicit, too.  So are the nurses, PAs, and rehab staff.  Jail all of them while we're at it.

    Franklin Graham - Billy's son - had an interesting comment on this horrific event.  His observation was nowhere in the discussion is the role of evil thought or impetus.  While we charge off into the sunset looking to blame someone or something for all of this needless suffering we run right past the cause of it all - Satan.  And while we scurry about dodging and attributing blame Satan just smiles. 

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    2. SteveHTN



      That’s how Texas responds to school shootings 

    3. Whopper


      Awesome. We have a local Sheriff here the next county (Hamilton) down that has offered CCW classes to any teacher that wants them. He also wants the schools to be able to let armed retired military roam the halls to help with keeping the kids safe

    4. brwnbass


      You can't reason with the snowflake liberals on anything. Im beginning to believe that some (alot) of them really do have dangerous mental disorders. And the day may be soon coming when the rest of us have had enough & things will get really ugly.

  2. Has anyone heard from or about Softy?  We were texting up until about 1000 yesterday AM and he dropped off the net.  When was his surgery?

    1. SteveHTN


      His surgery was today. I haven’t heard anything yet. Hopefully he did well

    2. 31Airborne


      UPDATE:  Just got a text from Doug's daughter.  He is in surgery now.

      A bit more:  he had another episode (think that means minor cardiac event) about an hour or so ago.  He's having a ruff day between this and the event Karma told us about earlier.

  3. So, if'n it's OK with y'all I'm quite ready for spring.  This -15*F wind chill has about given me all the winter experience I need.  I'm ready for some heat.

    1. Mountainman


      I typically enjoy our mid south Winters.....enough cold & snow to get a taste, but not overkill......but this sh*t is ridiculous. Tried making a weld outside yesterday. Tried being the operative word. Apparently, no matter how much you preheat aluminum, it still don't wanna melt at 10*......

    2. Whopper


      Yep, I had enough already. The rivers here are even frozen. 

    3. SteveHTN


      I’ve been lucky enough to be out west lately, praise God. Otherwise this flu I’ve had for a week would go on another month

  4. Is there anyone out there besides me absolutely astounded that it's already the 17th of AUG???  Woof, where is time going?

    1. SteveHTN


      Flying by faster than one of Wes' Nibiru assault ships 

    2. trackertxw175


      Moving faster than a CNN's newscaster with the dirt on the Donald

  5. I'm sitting in on a phone conference with a bunch of engineers (I should stop here but won't).  They're talking about gun barrel wear (for bigger guns like artillery, tank main gun, naval gun).  They want to know how they might measure, collect data on barrel wear.  One of them suggested building a 'water trap' to catch rounds while in flight (before they get deformed by impact) so they can analyze them.  This guy wants to catch artillery projectiles.  And people call me stupid for jumping out of airplanes???

    Airborne swims only on the deep end of the gene pool.  No engineers allowed.

    1. Mountainman


      +1 on engineers, ol buddy. They aren't all bad, but it's hard to find a good one.

      Side note, we use radiographic testing similar to sonar, to check thicknesses of vessels & piping. I can give you the specifics via phone if you're interested.

    2. Peck


      This engineer has came up with some crazy designs, but I think I'd stay away from anyone trying to catch an artillery round in flight. It's only a bad idea if it doesn't work tho.

      I've used some ultrasonic equipment similar to what Mountainman mentioned to check thickness of water and gas lines. Basically to determine when/if they needed to be replaced. We also checked the thickness of some refractory of the furnace to see how much life it had left. Pretty neat technology out there for that sort of stuff. 

    3. SteveHTN


      Why not just put a whole team of engineers in front of the round to catch it?

  6. Hmmmm, VSOP.  Some one of us has a refined palate.  I'm a Remy dood myself.  I like a lil smokiness on the finish.  Cheers!

    1. SteveHTN


      Been awhile since I had Remy. Good stuff. 

  7. JJ - Boudreaux goin' ta Lake Anna for 4 days of fun. Only thing missin' iz u!