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  1. 31Airborne

    New to fishing in the area

    welcome aboard! yep, summer is a tuff time for fishing, kind alike the dead of winter. it's slow and sometimes painful. there are fish to be caught tho'. if you give us an idea of where you've been fishing and how it'll help us give you some ideas on adjustments.
  2. 31Airborne

    Humminbird 1198

    Yep, you can do that, Steve. I had my 1198 networked w/ a 2nd GEN Helix on my old sled. Worked fine. Once you see the images on the Helix you'll get the 2nd one. Just sayin' . . .
  3. 31Airborne

    New Floater

    Took a little more detailed look at the pics, Steve. First thing to stand out is the deck layout - it hasn't changed much from Stratos to Triton. Same-same w/ the lines and features on the ass-end. Just no mistaking an Earl Bentz boat. That motor has reputation of being a solid performer, very reliable. It likes gas and oil but if it starts and runs without issue that wouldn't bother me.
  4. 31Airborne

    New Floater

    Nice, Steve - congrats! One of the best hulls ever built right there.
  5. 31Airborne

    Rain gear recommendation??

    +1 on BPS 100mph gear for colder wx. I've also used Guidewear but I like the pocket layout on the BPS gear better. In warmer temps I use a North Face 3/4 rain jacket. It's made of breathable material so it's quite as stuffy as the rubber-coated nylon Funky warned you about. This jacket is washable .
  6. 31Airborne

    Strike king bull worm

    I like the 7/0 J-hooks for big worms. Owner and Trokar both make heavy wire versions.
  7. 31Airborne

    Co-poylomer line?

    Steve - try the Seaguar Abras-X (I like 12#). Casts very smoothly, pretty tuff line. Holds up well in brush, rock, other chunky stuff.
  8. 31Airborne

    Co-poylomer line?

    Toobie - I use it for jerkbait applications. I like the fact it's buoyant. The floating line allows me to detect those subtle bites I often missed w/ fluoro. Yes, it has more stretch but that works to my advantage in jerkbait presentations. Gives the fish a little more time to get the bait good, prevents me from pulling it away from the fish. I'm experimenting w/ it as leader material for c-rigs. Not enuff data points yet to offer an opinion. I use P-Line fluorclear. Have had no issues w/ it. Very durable, supple.
  9. 31Airborne

    Berkley max scent

    Steve - it's brwnbass' fault. He started it w/ "wolf vomit".
  10. 31Airborne

    Berkley max scent

    So, I couldn't let this go. Like I said, I'm scarred for life. I did a google search on "wolf vomit" and got a interesting assortment of hits. For starters, there's a song out there called "wolf vomit" by Revenant. They're a metal band (2000s definition, not '80s or '90s) and released this as a single in May of 2017. I'm referring to it as a song because there are lyrics and instruments involved but I'll be damned if I can figure out what those doods are singing about. Just below the Revenant single is a collection of You-toob vids of wolves and coyotes feeding their respective young. It involves - wait for it now - sharing regurgitated food. "What's for dinner, maw?" "Your fav, dear - wolf vomit." For complete transparency it's only right that I tell you I did this via the routine google search option. I wouldn't dare put something like this in as a "do you feel lucky?" kinda search. I'll leave that to Brwnbass.
  11. 31Airborne

    Berkley max scent

    "wolf vomit" - that image is now etched permanently in my mind. wow. if you're catfishing and are having trouble getting bites the Gulp! stuff will fix that. they love it.
  12. 31Airborne

    Berkley max scent

    The Gulp! stuff is the real deal. Have not tried Maxscent.
  13. 31Airborne

    Best deep diveing cranking rod

    +1 on the Revo Winch. I have this reel on all of my crankin' rods. I use a 7-4 MH/medium rod for my deep divers (I rarely use anything bigger [deeper] than a 6XD or DT20). This rod handles both easily - casts a mile, doesn't beat me up on the retrieve, plenty of backbone for fighting fish down deep, plenty of give in the tip to keep me from pulling the bait away from the fish. If you're gonna throw the deeper diving baits (like the 8 or 10XD) a heavy rod may be better. Recommend experimenting with your options before locking yourself in. You may learn than one rod may not work for all of your deep diving bait options.
  14. +1 on HB products - not only superior in terms of capability but also much easier to use/learn. The 9" screen is plenty big enuff to give you the resolution and visibility you need to manage a day on the water. Think you'll be impressed w/ the detail of the images.
  15. 31Airborne

    Triton boats

    Well, I just bought a new one about 4 weeks ago. There was no mention of Triton going away. There is some consolidation going on - brands, styles, manufacturing - but, like others have said, I doubt one of the top selling lines will be part of that.
  16. 31Airborne

    Rusty hooks

    try Coca-Cola - works fast, cleans up easily. speaking of Plano, those blue anti-rust thingies that come w/ some of their boxes really do work. you might wanna pick up some (you can buy the tabs separately from TW, other places). put a couple in every tray.
  17. 31Airborne

    Custom jigs

    it's all up to you. hair is the most buoyant but least durable. rubber gives you buoyancy with durability. I use silicon for most of my jig, spinner, and chatter baits because of the wider variety of colors, patterns. I use rubber for my mop jigs. I reserve hair for my float-n-fly jigs. others will chime in w/ their thoughts.
  18. I have the MK Ultrex w/ iPilot on the new sled. Kinda hard to pass up on that kind of technology. One less thing to manage.
  19. 31Airborne

    Upgrade from an 18’ to 20’ boat Questions

    I picked up my 4th Triton this past MON - another 21'er. You will be pleased with the storage layout, the ride, and the quality of workmanship. You won't be disappointed. Fished out of (but never drove) a 20' Stratos. A lil heavier than the Triton but overall performance was indiscernible. Smooth in heavy water, smart deck layout. About the same on top end speed. Both are Earl Bentz hulls, btw. You will have a ~small learning curve as you adjust to driving the bigger, more powerful 20' rig. Chine walking will be an issue if you trim up too fast. All a matter of practice and repetition. A good day on the water fixes this easily. The Tr20 is a mid-range performance boat. It's designed for ~optimum top end speed while giving you stability and security in choppy water. (The X-boats - Tr20X/Tr21X - were the squirrelly ones. Designed for top end speed [my Tr 21X did 83.1 GPS]. They took a little extra time to get to know, learn the feel on.) Do not think you'd have any major issues picking up on the feel for either of the options you list above. When I made the move from an 18-6 to a 21'er I never looked back. The extra room, extra power, extra range are all things you'll come to rely on in short order.
  20. 31Airborne

    TNBF Gear Info

    +1 - they killed the design. I got the jersey hoodie and it rocks.
  21. 31Airborne


    Karma - it may be a case of weathering. Weather (esp extreme heat or cold) will ruin fishing line. If you've kept the rods spooled w/ the Fuoroclear in places where they're constantly exposed to the ups-n-downs of weather that's prob the case. I use Fluoroclear on my jerkbait rods. I like the fact that it floats. Allows me to pick up those subtle bites. I've had no issues w/ breaking.
  22. 31Airborne

    Mercury Motors

    Doug - Merc is saying their new 4-strokes weigh the ~same as the Opti-maxes. I went with the Pro XS on my new sled. Airborne needs all the ponies hims can get.
  23. 31Airborne

    Bladed jigs

    Like any new bait, it always takes a lil time to figure out the when/where/how pieces. For me, the bladed jig is something that comes into play during the shad spawn, when fishing over/near grass, and when fishing stained water. I'll use it interchangeably with the spinnerbait in windy conditions.
  24. 31Airborne


    When this happens or when the follow your crankbait without biting it try slowing down the retrieve or use a stop-n-go retrieve. Way to stay with it!
  25. 31Airborne

    Mercury Motors

    I'm trackin', Andy. It's smart business - especially in manufacturing - to limit the models/variations and focus on a narrower line. That's how you eliminate variance, enable quality. My FoM partner's Skeeter had a SHO 250 on it. It was bullet proof. Great hole shot. A little slower on top end speed but that prob a function of how much crap he kept in the boat (besides me).