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  1. SouthernSam

    It never ends.

    Sucks to hear this again. Hopefully they will get caught soon!
  2. SouthernSam

    Moonlite rubrail lights

    I have a full navigation setup on both my main fishing yaks. I have a LED red and green combo light on the front and a LED white pole light on the back (just like a lot of bass boats have with a base and removable pole light). I run these lights along with my depth finder off of a 12v 9Ah battery. Its the same battery that a lot of computer battery backup units, trail cams and child's power wheels use. The battery weighs about 5 lbs. On my Tarpon 120 yak I have 1/4" mono jacks on both sides that I plug my MOONlite Half MOON into when night fishing. I have not set the new Hobie Pro Angler up yet with blacklight jacks, but do have some now (just need to find the time to install them). I pretty much only night fish here local, either Patrick Henry Lake or Boone Lake. We go fishing a lot after work and I got tired of having to get off the water before it got dark, so I added the navigation setups. Then I started liking being out after dark, so I had to add a Half MOON! I love the Half MOON, its so small, yet so powerful! I think it would just depend on the yak as to weather you would have a flat area to mount the rub rail light system. I am thinking it might be hard to do on my Tarpon, but probably very doable on my Hobie Pro Angler. If I can get up towards Watson's I will check them out.
  3. SouthernSam

    Moonlite rubrail lights

    MOONlite, I would have to break out the calipers to tell you how thick the kayak side walls are. But my best guess would be somewhere between 1/8" and 3/16". It's thin, but strong. I mount all sorts of accessories to my kayak fleet with no issues. I often use backing plates inside my kayak to distribute the load over a broad area to keep pop rivets or bolts from pulling through the hull. I would think there should be a way to mount them inside the kayak, I would have to see one of the lights to really tell. I wouldn't have a problem drilling some 3/8" holes in my yak to mount a nice light, but some guys are real gun shy about drilling holes in their yaks...lol.
  4. SouthernSam

    Moonlite rubrail lights

    Looks Good!
  5. SouthernSam

    Sunday 8 3

    Thanks for the report! Glad you were able to find a few fish. Sucks the other couple got broke into down there. It's a bad place for that to happen.
  6. SouthernSam

    blacklight troubleshooting

    Good info there!
  7. SouthernSam

    TNBF#6 Cherokee Results

    Congratulations to the winners!
  8. SouthernSam


    Great for kayak fishermen too! I use a half moon on my yaks. It's small, compact, low draw on battery, and super bright!
  9. SouthernSam


    I got mine at Bass Pro as well. Also saw them at Dicks Sporting Goods a long time ago, not sure if they still sell them there though.
  10. SouthernSam

    Passenger rod holder

  11. SouthernSam

    5 17

    Thanks for the report, sounds fun!
  12. SouthernSam

    TNBF Tx #4 Fort Patrick Henry Results

    Congratulations to the winners!
  13. SouthernSam


    Thanks for the report!
  14. SouthernSam


    Nice Ross!
  15. SouthernSam

    Got a new Kayak today!!!

    Kenny, I really didn't paddle much yesterday. I was too busy playing with the Mirage Drive. I'll let you know how it does after a few trips out. What little bit of paddling I did do seemed a little off normal to me, not used to setting up higher. I may need a longer paddle, but most people seem to just use a half paddle (like canoe paddle) for what little bit of paddling they do on these yaks.