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  1. brownfish03

    Braid for Shad Raps?

    I maybe wrong or just hardheaded...lol...but, I want the stretch of mono on shadrap. Alot of times, the hookups aren't great and mono stretch seems to help?
  2. brownfish03


    Wouldn't he be trolling anyways? LOL...no need to worry about hurt shoulders.
  3. brownfish03


    Thanks for the update! You'll get it figured out. So the wifi serves as a link between the transducer and the tablet?
  4. brownfish03


    Im pretty interested in this as well. My depthfinder is dead on the front of my boat and this setup looks like a good way to obtain a good quality depthfinder at a reasonable price.
  5. Hey J! Good to hear from ya!
  6. Better get work done today before the snow hits!

  7. Better get work done today before the snow hits!

  8. brownfish03

    Custom Built fishing rods!!!!!!!

    Now Brian, everybody knows it takes my mom and pop to make a legend!
  9. brownfish03

    Custom Built fishing rods!!!!!!!

    Yea, and your the only one I'll let do that......
  10. brownfish03

    Custom Built fishing rods!!!!!!!

    LOL...yea, I still find time to pitch jigs to coffee cans. Look dude, kids take time (if your a dedicated father) and I enjoy it. One day, they will be older and I'll have more time to fish again. Right now, I'm doing right be them and attending every thing they are a part of. I don't want parenting regrets. The fish will still be around....I have most of them trained anyways....
  11. brownfish03

    Custom Built fishing rods!!!!!!!

    Brian, how much are we talking for a spinning rod? I've got one in mind I'd like to have... As for Burns, I went to a fishing show a few years back and was talking to him about a rod. Told him I didnt have the money with me to buy today and he blew me off like cut grass on my driveway. Guess he didnt know that I was serious and would have put a check in the mail the next day....guess he'll never know.....
  12. brownfish03

    Pop r P70

    Sure would like to find that SOB that broke into my truck a few years back.....lost 5 or so original P70's..... still have 5 or so that I'm lucky enough to own! I have to disagree with Flipper on the bites. Yes, alot of times it happens at splash down, but you walk that big boy by the right piece of cover and WHOOOOSSSSSHHHHH!
  13. brownfish03

    couple of cranks for a friend

    You aint kidding ole' bud! I'd love to do about 90% of it again!
  14. brownfish03

    couple of cranks for a friend

    I USED to be your friend....that outta count for SOMETHING!!!!!! Or do I have to start telling stories about you on here???? Pretty stinking nice paint jobs btw!!!
  15. If only I knew how to photoshop!