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    Fishing! I am a retired master sergeant from the US Army 3rd Battalion 5th SF Group! I teach High school now in Lebanon, Tn. I may get under your skin at times but trust me, there is no one better to have in your corner than me...Hooah!

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  1. The Bass fishing on Old Hickory in the early morn has been awesome. I fish mostley Spencer Creek off hwy 109 in Lebanon.
  2. What are you using this time of year?

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    2. NiceGuy


      + 1 on the cold beer...I havnt caught a keeper since june...

    3. rburgundy


      Zoom ole monster pumpkin seed worm

    4. Crankbaiter


      I have been wearing them out on a Bandit baby bass series 100 crank bait.

  3. Just wanted to say hello, Don here from Watertown, Tn. I fish mostley the Cumberland and Old Hickory lake, I just started Bass fishing this summer. I mostly fish for cats and do alot of jugfishing but have really gotten hooked on Bass. I have had a good summer so far with a PB of 5.9 pounds out of Old Hickory on a bandit baby bass series 100.
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