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Found 1 result

  1. softbaitmaker

    BT's secret hiding place

    Back about 10 years ago BT developed a desire to learn how to pour soft baits. I told him to just let me know what he wanted poured and I would pour it for him. He said, I have some secret color ideas and I want to make them so teach me how to pour baits. So i did and he spent about 10 days in a row watching me pour baits and mixing colors to fill bait orders. He would ask me at times to borrow molds and when I got ready to order materials he would have me order somethings for him. He would pay for all the shipping so I would order what ever he wanted along in my order. It was only a short time before he was not asking me to pour any baits for him. Now I know why. While digging my way into his bait room yesterday I discovered a closet I had not been in yet so I opened it up. Below is what I found. I told his wife that I would buy all the plastic stuff he had which I thought was some colors and glitters and about 6 molds and paid her. When I told her what i had found she said well it's plastic so it's yours and told me to take it all cause she had no use for it. A buddy and I loaded it up and brought it home and now I need to figure out what to do with it cause I don't need it either. With as many jigs and he made over the years I have no clue where he found the time to make this many soft baits. I still have a 1000+ of his jigs I need to sell not counting all of his jig making molds and all the other stuff needed to make jigs. He has drawers of Mustad Needle Point jig hooks with 100's of hooks in each of them. I think I am seeing a very large all Fishing Equipment Yard Sale in my future just to get rid of this stuff. Oh yea, I found these in the closet also::::Last 4 pictures