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Found 1 result

  1. whj812

    Black Lights.......

    I want to re-engage the debate on the best black lights that people are using these days. I know with the Bluewater kits and the umteenmillion different other rub rail blacklights coming out a few years back it changed the game. The question is which do you guys prefer? Rubrail - or Standalone (moonlight/punisher/whateverelse) That being said i have one Sloan Blacklight that somewhat functions left that I have used since my first ever boat. I need to upgrade but IDK what to do, get the rub rail ones or standalone LED style lights. Ive fished out of boats with the rub rail ones and depending on the setup they seem ok but how is the longevity of them. Im getting a new boat and I dont know if I want holes drilled into it out of the gate Thanks guys!