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Found 1 result

  1. softbaitmaker

    All Right!!!!

    Ok, so here we go, In the Opinion thread earlier I asked for opinions on a new bait folks may want. There were quite a few folks that wanted me to bring the Beavers back and some folks that wanted the Magnum Trick Worms. At the present time my mold company is trying to find my proto molds that I had custom made back years ago for the Beavers. If they can find them I will be able to make the Beavers in either 3 inch of 4 inch. What is the preference of most? 3 or 4 inch. I would rather not have to order both sizes if I don't have to. Also as far as the Magnum Trick Worms, The girl that takes my orders up there is going to check and see if that is one of the new baits they are making for 2017 catalog. If it is then I will be able to get that mold in a 6 1/4 inch version. If not I will have to have the mold custom made and someone will have to send me a few of the worms that I can send to my mold company to have them custom molds made. That is not cheap so I would kind of like to know about how many folks would like to order that magnum Trick worm? Also I think I am about to lock in a deal to make that small grub I posted a picture of and might very well be making it also. Now with that said, I want to say how much I appreciate the folks here on the site that use my baits and glad to see new members coming on the board and hope maybe someday they try my baits............ Softy