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Cleaning, Greasing and Oiling Reels

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Guest Insanity

Anyone ever attempted to use White Lithium Grease in their reels?

Yep it seems to want to work its way off gear teeth rather then cling to. Like factory grease. And some brands from a spray can will dry out in a short length of time as I've notice spraying car door hinges. Also it wants to foam so I don't think it would get into bearings if you used it there. Don't use Vaseline either it's to thick in winter time. Zebco 33. Grease long ago. Lol.

I've never used the hot sauce either but I'm out for distance. So il be getting a bottle real soon.

Some years ago after reading an article on super tuning reels for further casting distance. I took apart a perfectly good casting reel and polished (with a drimmell) the end of the spool shaft, that the cast control knob rides against. Not as good an idea as it first sounds. My reel apparently wanted a little more friction there then I left. But I was missing said hot sauce in that recipe. Lol.

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Guest Insanity

I have a question. Do I need to do anything to clean the old oil or grease out of my spool bearings before I put Hot Sauce in them? The bearings in my Okuma reels are like a sealed bearing with a metal seal covering the bearing rollers and I was wondering if I should soak them in something to get the old oil or grease out.

I read that they soaked the bearings in solvent to wash away thicker factory oil. Let dry then soak in hot sauce. But someone correct me if they have changed things or I'm wrong. Warning read my above post. Lol.

They are all sealed I've seen. But I'm guessing there not sealed that tight. And if you also spin the bearing it would help remove and repack. Try inserting a wood pencil point into the center and spin the outer.

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DO NOT soak them in Hot Sauce or any other kind of reel oil. Clean your bearings with solvent, dry and add ONE DROP ONLY of reel oil. Any more oil will actually slow the bearing down. You do not have to remove the metal seals... the oil will seep in around the seal.

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