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Oxidation removal

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Ok guys, my poor boat has REALLY been getting to me lately. I've been trying to take care of some stuff this year that I've neglected in the past to try and take care of her. Finally got on the task of trying to restore the gelcoat. I was torn between using pro-tec or Meguiars. Opted for the Meguiars simply due to the fact that I could go to the store and buy it. Bought a bottle of Heavy Duty Oxidation Remover 49 and then also bought the fiberglass restoration kit that has another bottle of this, a bottle of high gloss polish and a bottle of pure wax. Kirk let me borrow his high speed buffer which helped me a whole lot.

Here's a couple befores of one of the worst places on the boat.



So I started off with some 1000 grit sandpaper and wetsanding the top cap and then went around it with the oxidation remover.



Then I went across it with the high gloss polish.




Then finally the pure wax.



Overall I am VERY satisfied with my results. And would recommend that product to anyone.

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