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blacklight troubleshooting

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every year, we get lights returned because the LEDs are supposedly dimming.  the only thing that can cause our LEDs to dim is LOW VOLTAGE.  this is caused by bad connections anywhere from the battery all the way to light's power connection.  the main culprits are female connectors on phone jack models or rusty lighter sockets on lighter plug models.  corroded or loose terminals at the battery or fuse holder are next thing to check.  it can also be a weak battery or bad switch on supply circuit to light.

the easiest way to check light is by using a FULLY CHARGED battery pack connected directly to light.  connect negative to light housing and touch positive to tip of phone jack plug.  BE CAREFUL TO ONLY TOUCH TIP OR THERE WILL BE A DEAD SHORT AND FIREWORKS.  on lighter plug, clamp negative lead to side straps on lighter plug and touch positive to tip.  try the other negative strap is first one doesn't work.  both straps aren't connected to ground in all types of cords.

these tests will save everyone shipping costs.  thanks.

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