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2015 TNBF Classic Results

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First, I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who came out & fished with us in 2015. It was a great year for us and we look forward to an even better 2016. Invite people to join the site & fish our tourneys. The more folks that join us, the more money we can give back to you guys. I would also like to thank the local businesses who graciously donated a vast amount of swag for door prizes for our classic. Watson's Marine, Just Fishin', and MelBros Tacklebox. Guys, with the big box stores moving in, its important to support your local businesses....afterall, they're the ones who give back to the community and to us. Buy some line, oil or a lure or two, anything helps.

Also, I want to thank our 2015 Tournament Committee for putting on a fantastic tourney trail and keeping the trail running and growing. These guys do tons of behind the scenes work to keep things moving in a positive direction. A very special thanks to BulletDeuce & MtCarmelTriton for all the extra things they do to help me with the site & the trail...everything from running events to Wes keeping the points totals to Shannon getting the trophies & plaques for the Classic. All you guys are awesome & I wish the site made enough money to pay you....youre worth a million bucks to me. A special thanks to Trackertxw175 for snapping some pics of us at the weigh in. Ross, you've become our unofficial site photographer, and I thank you for your efforts.

On to the results:

A cold, clear morning met our anglers for the summary event of the 2015 TNBF team tournament trail at Pickens Bridge on Boone Lake Saturday morning. After listening to a gobbler fire off at us for a while, we got all our ducks in a row & managed to get our 17 boats launched and ready for blast off. We amassed a grand total of $1,495.00 for payout (after the trophies & plaques were paid for). After a tough day, there were 4 limits and approximately 112 lbs of fish weighed in amongst our 17 boats. We paid 5 places as follows:

1st: Mountainman & Stratos20.....15.25 lbs....4.17lb sm.....$580

2nd: 294Stratos & RHB....15.09 lbs....3.53lb sm.....$330

3rd: Buckeye83 & 97Astro.....11.37 lbs....3.20lb lm.....$190

4th: BulletDeuce & ProMaX.....8.98 lbs....4.02lb lm.....$120

5th: CkGolf & dnuckols......8.80 lbs......3.42lb sm......$105

Big Fish: Jroller & Jwilliams69...............4.84ln lm......$170

The top 3 boats got trophies for their performances. We also gave out plaques to the top 6 finishers in the Angler Of The Year points standings at the weigh in. They looked like this:

1st......BulletDeuce & PromaX(tie)




6th.....Huckleberry & Loopy(tie)

Again, I appreciate everyone coming out & fishing with us all year. If it wasn't for you guys, the site and the trail wouldn't exist. Hope to see everyone come out and join us on March 26 as the 2016 TNBF Team Tourney Trail kicks off on Cherokee Lake!

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Hated I couldn't make it. Congrats Mountainman & Stratos20 on the Classic win. Congrats BulletDeuce and ProMax on AOY. Heckuva year fellas

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Congrat's on the W fellas. That was a nice sack of smallies.

Congrat's to the Jone's on their second consecutive AOY honors.

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6-17 stack up like this:

6) jroller & jwilliams69.....8.7lbs

7) justintr & 423fishin......7.01

8)stratosfaction & Jamie.... 6.93

9) huckleberry & Loopy.....4.87

10) HDHoppy & tnsmallmouth.... 4.40

11) bigfoot & squarebillt....3.96

12) GlitterRocket & Blindhawg....3.75

13) bassfisher15 & bullet21....3.64

14) mwbrand.......3.27

15) mtcarmeltriton & brokebackhumpr...1.81

16) bulletXXX.....dnw


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