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Hey guys, 

I am not affiliated with this company at all. But have you ever forgot to charge your batteries? Ever been on a trip with no place to plug them in? The  All-n-Charge system is a solution.

This system works great. If you have a 45 minute run to the lake you have full batteries with the tow-n-charge.

It will charge your trolling batteries while running from spot to spot as well. 


Just thought I would put it out there for a helpful tip. Honestly next to my HDS units best thing I have installed on the boat.

Tell em Dale Herring sent ya... who knows maybe I'll get a sticker.. LOL

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looks similar to Stealth system but maybe fewer parts.  amp rating?

where can i see a wiring diagram for hookup to 3 batteries?  i looked a little on their site but didn't see it.

i wonder about charging dead batteries in 45 minutes.  that would take a lot of amps but says it won't overheat batteries.


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Works like a regulator.  Monitors voltage and supplies power as needed from alternator when cranking battery is full. With the tow-n-charge it pulls from truck battery.  When charge is full it shuts off to prevent overheating. Never had a problem with that in over a year with it. Hookup took 5 minutes for 2 trolling batteries and cranking. 6 wires. Took me longer to decide where to mount the regulator box than to connect the actual system. Top wire goes to cranking battery. Bottom goes to 4 wires. For 2 batteries. 


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