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Soft Plastic Jigs

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Are there any anglers here that use the Football head Soft Bait jigs to fish with? I will post a  picture here of what I am talking about. Reason I am asking is B.T. had a lot of them made and I am getting ready to run a sale on them to get them gone since I have began breaking up the Jig making business since I got no interest in buying the business. They come in several different weights and hook designs. Please PM me if your interested.








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19 hours ago, RboatlessNomore said:


I would never throw a magnum trick worm on 3/4 shakey head. :ph34r:

1/8th thru 1/2 oz EWG hooks ranging from 3/0 to 5/0 is all I have found so far but there are still about 80 drawers I have not even pulled open yet that are full of more jigs some skirted and some not skirted. I get a feeling I have not even scratched the tip of a very large Iceberg. I know when he woud come by for coffee as he was leaving he would say, he was gonna go make a few jigs. My idea of a few jigs and his idea were not the same. Everytime I walk into his bait room and open another drawer I want to scream.....................:wacko:

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12 minutes ago, brwnbass said:

l would be interested in some...

Send me a PM and let me know how many and what size you want and I will see about getting them to you.

Thanks softy

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