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recarpetting the boat, advise?

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Hey guys,

I have a tournament Saturday morning and as soon as we get the boat back in the shed we are going to remove the awful vinyl flooring and install some 20 oz charcoal carpet I ordered from one of the 5,000,000,000,000,000,000.99 carpet manufacturers around Dalton GA. I redone my Fish and Ski boat a few years ago but never done a bass boat and I want this one looking at great as possible. The old fish and ski boat was 30+ years old so.. it didn't have to be perfect.

Anyway, any advise you guys have on the subject would be great.

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Not sure what you will run into size-wise going from vinyl to carpet. If it were me, i would most likely try to get each piece of vinyl off to use as a template to cut the carpet. Maybe cut a slightly larger piece to trim down. If it doesn't come off without tearing, i would find some roll of packaging paper to make a template. For what it's worth, i have yet to see a new one with vinyl that looked correct from the factory. Think you are making a good move switching to carpet.

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well I did managed to get a couple hours of work on the boat this weekend after all. I thought I would share some photos. So far so good, Just taking time to get it right. We tried to lay out the old vinyl floor coverings and use them as a template, but we found that to be a bad idea because they shrink/distort. So we ended up just have to measure the area we were covering and make our own. Not a big deal, just more time consuming. All we have left to do is the rear casting deck and the lids/hatches, trim up some areas, throw the molding on remount seats and we are good.










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