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Garmin 73 SV Chirp

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Welp, I pulled the trigger last week and ordered one. SUPER excited and man has technology pricing come down a lot. I got mine for $630.00 I remember when side imaging hit the market, gosh I guess ten years back now, I had just sold some property to buy a house and bought a Humminbird. I gave about $1200.00 with tax and map card for mine at the time that only had a 5 inch diagonal screen, side imaging, traditional sonar and GPS mapping. My Garmin I ordered has a 7" screen, built in maps, CHIRP sonar, Side View, Down View, traditional sonar, map creating software. Man I'm super excited. I had to give up my Lucky Tackle Box subscription to justify the payment but hey I got 24 months 0% apr! Spent this morning moving my old Lowrance 525 to the bow of the boat for vertical fishing. Wish I would have never sold my old Humminbird but hey I think this one is going to be better, thanks for the recommendation Wes.:cheers:

Also REALLY hope she arrives this week so I can put her on Sat. and hit the water Sunday.

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the sidescan will revolutionize your fishing.  no more guessing whether fish are holding on a certain piece of structure or cover.  you'll be able to see it without trolling up on top of it.

for me, the biggest advantage of sidescan has been efficiency during practice.  I no longer have to make 100s of casts to find fish.  now I look at the screen, mark, and move on.  I'm able to cover 10 times more water and gather more detailed info.

congrats on the new toy. 

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