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ALX rod #2 - Toobie strikes again

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I was so pleased w/ my first purchase that I ordered a 2nd ALX - this time their Zolo Dream spinnerbait rod.  I've kinda rediscovered spinnerbaits this year and have been using a collection of rods that were more available than they are suited for the purpose.  Having learned (the hard way) about matching rod and reel to presentation I broke down and ordered this one.


It's a 7' med/fast blank w/ a nice parabolic flex.  Good, stout butt end and a very sensitive tip.  Same micro guides as the crankin' stick I ordered a few months back.  Once again, superb balance, terrific attention to  detail on the assembly and craftsmanship.  Will take it out this weekend for a test drive.

Toobie is now stocking Watson's w/ a sample of ALX rods.  If you're in the area go  check'em out. 




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Thanks.  Glad you like the ALX Rods. I really like the customer service from a small family owned business. 

Rex does have a good sampling and can order any rod from the offerings.

If anyone here would like to see a few rods, let me know. I've got a few and glad to let folks look them over.

31-old friend- I hope we get to fish together and catch a few soon.

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