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Hi my name is stan, I’ve been bass fishing for about two years now and so far I love it. I’m active duty military stationed at Fort Campbell. I started off at fort Lewis Washington fishing American lake and fished the local lakes around for the first year. I’ve fished Lake Barkley only so far and starting off in the fall here was a shocker. I’m not having very much luck. I own a kayak and a bass boat and I normally fish both Saturday and Sunday each week. Nice to meet you guys and any advice will help me for sure

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Thank you for serving, Stan.  Appreciate the sacrifices you and your family make for us.

Barkley is huge body of water.  Recommend breaking it down into smaller, more manageable chunks.  That'll make it easier on to you learn, absorb.  Same-same for the other big lakes and rivers in TN.  Hanging out in places like this is a good thing.  Tons of useful info in the reports sections.  Recommend spending some time going thru those.  You'll glean some helpful hints on baits, presentations, depths, all of it.

There used to be a big fishing club on FT Campbell.  Check w/ the MWR outdoor rec guys there to see if it's still around.  Linking up w/ someone who's been in the area a while will be beneficial.  Getting out w/ a few of the old hands will be even more helpful.  If you make your way to east TN send me a PM.  I'll give you everything I have on the lakes, rivers in this region.




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