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Welcome ClayTims

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Hello ClayTims,

Welcome to TN Bass Fishing. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. The more you participate, the better your experience here will be. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

ClayTims joined on the 12/11/2017.

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Hello everyone. Excitied to join in. Avid Bass Fisherman since a teenager. 39 yrs old now and currently passing down knowledge I was taught by many Gentlemen who took the time with me as a kid, now down to my son who is currently 13. He got hooked at age 3. He just naturally has the passion also and I advanced him quick. Throwing a baitcaster, working jerkbaits, Carolina rigs at 7 years old. Y’all get it....We’re each others best friend and fishing buddies. Throughout the years, I’ve fish many great lakes. Pickwick was where I spent the majority of my time. From Kentucky Lake to Florence, AL and all in between I basically wore a new Nitro out I bought myself at 20. Many memories fishing for Smallmouth and Largemouth.....My best fishing experience/memory to date was fishing the Float and Fly on Dale Hollow with the late Mr. Bob Coan. Jan 11, 2002. Temps was in the low 30’s and spitting snow that day. I will never forget that day as long as I live. If anyone has fished using the Float and Fly, you know its very different from what this West TN boy had ever done. It was the weirdest setup and Man, it felt like that leader was 2 miles long. It took a me a minute to get used to it no doubt! After a brutal cold morning we had only caught 1 Smallmouth by Noon. We had moved around several spots by that time also. Freezing cold, snow, numb face, hands....just numb everything. We stopped to eat a sandwich just sitting still in the lake. It was deafening quiet. My face was too numb for me to even talk much less try to eat. Then Bob said something to me I will never forget as long as I live. He looked straight at me and said......”Son, there here”. “ We just haven’t found them yet”......That short. Deep tone. No expression. No elaboration. That simple. I thought about that sitting there with him and and how true that really is. Those words changed my way of thinking that day as a young fisherman to think things through more with better strategies and situations in times of tough fishing. I often wondered what his strategy was that day. What he was thinking and what play was he going to call next. Because I knew he had to call a audible at some point..............Well, we found them a hr later and I really, really mean we found them. It was probably the most crazy/unreal thing I had ever experienced. It was cast after cast. Those Smallmouth was attacking us left and right. I can’t even try to think to remember how many we caught. We could do no wrong. Over and over and over... I will never forget that experience fishing the Float and Fly or what he said to me that day. I use those same words this very day to my son and even myself! Thanks guys!.......Clay Tims

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Your exactly right Bud! Little mini me. I always had faith in him. He listens extremely well. Kids will amaze you if you just give them a chance. Everything I told him are things I personally experienced. I always say this is why we’re throwing these lures and colors right now. Just back up by example. I want him to know why we are fishing a ledge. We’re here for a reason because of X. We’re not just throwing at the bank or randomly fishing this off shore structure for the heck of it. There are reasons. It makes it better for him to understand. 

He will have children one day. He’s a little sponge right now. I want him to pass his experiences down. 

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