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2018 TNBF Trail Schedule

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With the growth of local competitive fishing, these things get harder & harder to schedule every year. It seems someone is having a tournament somewhere every weekend. I know we hit a lot of scheduling conflicts last year and we tried to avoid it as much as possible this year. I know we still have a few, but we have done the best we could to allow everyone who wants to fish with us the opportunity to do so without having to choose one trail over another. To this effect, we have reduced our number of tourneys this year and taken great pains to miss the Morristown, White Pine and TN Team Trail events, although there are a few overlaps.....as I said, its virtually impossible to schedule tourneys in March & April without bumping heads with someone and coordinating them with the work & family schedules that each committee member has. We have a few things still in limbo for 2018. 1) we still have to get a set of weigh in scales. The fundraisers we have attempted are thus far not sufficient to get a quality set of tourney scales, so while we still have a couple of options, the time line is closing in quickly. 2) We are down several Committee members from years past. We all have families and full time jobs, so bear with us if we have to tweak the schedule at some point this year in order to have enough people on hand to run things. Finally, our participation numbers dropped off pretty steeply in 2017. I'm hoping that was due to scheduling conflicts and crummy fishing for most of last year. I'm hoping that 2018 brings an increase in our event traffic or we may be making some changes to the trail next year. So, after the state-of-the-site speech, here's our 2018 schedule:


 1) March 3. Boone Lake. TVA. Safe Light til 4pm.

 2) April 7. Cherokee Lake. 25E. Safe Light til 4pm.

 3) April 28. South Holston Lake. Ob Knob. Safe Light til 3pm.

 4) May 19. Douglas Lake. Dandridge. Safe Light til 3pm.

 5) June 9. Ft Patrick Henry. Warrior's Path. *NIGHT* 7pm til 2am.

 6) July 21. Cherokee Lake. Quarryville. *NIGHT* 7pm til 3am.

 7) Sept 15. Boone Lake. TVA. *NIGHT* 7pm til 2am.

 8) Oct 13. Watauga Lake. Fish Springs. *NIGHT* 6pm til 2 am.

 9) Oct 27. Douglas Lake. Dandridge. Safe Light til 4pm.

10) Nov 3. Cherokee Lake. 25E. Safe Light til 4pm.

Black Friday: Nov 23. Cherokee Lake. 25E. Safe Light til 4pm.

2018 TNBF Classic: Dec 8. TBD by qualifier vote. Safe Light til 4pm. *Cannot be on Douglas in 2018*


Can't wait to get things kicked off for 2018 & see all you guys again. Between work last fall & winter thus far, it feels like I haven't seen you guys in a month of Sundays! C'mon March 3!!

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Fish 5 to qualify, or 4 & buy one in. I don't think it's too much to ask folks to fish 4 out of 11 tourneys to qualify for the classic.

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