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On 2/26/2018 at 8:54 PM, Mountainman said:

If anyone heads to TVA ramp this week, keep me posted on its status. I just got word that they have pulled it down & the end of the ramp is in sight. Looking at the lake level forecast, its supposed to rise 2 feet tomorrow & Wed, so it shouldn't be an issue....just trying to stay on top of it. One person told me today they had to drive boat over to Pickens & have partner bring their truck around by road because they couldn't get boat pulled over the end of the ramp.

Boats putting in at TVA ramp today 3/1/18.

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For everyone Fishing. Don’t forget. Licenses expired yesterday. Keep the game wardens happy, cause I’m sure they’ll be looking to bust people this weekend. 

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On 2/20/2018 at 8:45 AM, Mountainman said:

Our first stop of the 2018 Tournament season will be on Boone Next Saturday, March 3 from safe light til 4 pm out of the TVA ramp. Please read the 2018 rules page and have a signed copy of the 2018 liability waiver for you & your partner, 1 is good for the entire calendar year. Hope to see everyone there on the 3rd!!


  1) Mountainman & Stratos20

  2) tnsmallmouth & HDHoppy

  3) Cbass89 & Randy Brooks 

  4) jamieDeVera & Astro180

  5) MtCramelTriton & partner

  6) fishfinder & Dalton

  7) 97Astro & McDaniel3332

 8) Pitchinpigs & partner

 9) Peck 

10) madvolsfan & garybass

11) bigdaddy & partner

12) jonnybassman

13) RHB & 294Stratos

14) smalljaws & partner

15) thinbluline578 & partner



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Went by TVA ramp Boone today & Boats were launching could not see the end of ramp.There were a few chunky rocks on the ramp nothing to worry about.

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Ok guys.....looks like we are good to go. I will be at the ramp around 6 & will take up money til 630. We should be clear to blast off by 645, so please be in the water & ready by then. I will be in a gray tundra with a gray/maroon skeeter. Those of you paying for TNBF merchandise, please wait til weigh in to pay me for that. I will.also have a sample of the short sleeve jerseys on hand if anyone wants to check them out. There will also be a collection jar set up if anyone wants to make a direct donation to the scale fund, instead of using the GoFundMe page. Hope to see everyone there, drive safe & remember to let your trailer drain at the bottom of the ramp to prevent icing.....supposed to be mid 20s in the morning.

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