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After trying to schedule around other events and tournaments we finally have a schedule for the trail. We tried to spread them around the area and over the calendar. I think we managed to get a good variety. As each event is posted we will post the cut off time to pay, draw a boat number, and launch the boats to make sure we have an on-time blast off. Thank you to everyone that participated last year and we hope this year is even bigger. If you enjoyed the trail please help us spread the word.

The entry fees will remain the same as last year($40) with $30 going to places, $5 going to the big fish pot, and $5 going to the classic.

The angler of the year points will remain the same for 2019.

A new waiver will need to be signed and presented at the first tournament you attend. It will be available on the website shortly and we will also have some at sign-in.

Below is the schedule with the green tournaments being day time, blue being night time, and the red is a non-points tournament that will count toward classic qualification.

3/2/19                Boone Lake            TVA Ramp                               SL-4

3/16/19             Cherokee Lake        Boat Launch Road                 SL-4

4/13/19             South Holston         Ob Knob                                  SL-4

5/4/19               Ft. Patrick Henry     Warriors Park                         SL-4

5/18/19            Douglas Lake           Dandrige                                 SL-4

6/15/19            Cherokee Lake        Quarryville                               7-3 Night

7/20/19            South Holston         ObKnob                                    7-3 Night

9/7/19              Douglas Lake           Dandrige                                 7-3 Night

10/5/19            Boone Lake              TVA Ramp                              7-3 Night

11/2/19            Cherokee Lake         Boat Launch                          SL-4

11/29/19         CherokeeLake           25E                                         SL-4 

Black Friday non-points

12/7/19              TNBF Classic         TBD                                         SL-4


The rules and regulations will for the most part remain the same as previous years, however, there will be a few changes this year based off suggestions from the participants. We try our best to listen and make changes that we feel have validity.

1. You will have to fish 5 tournaments to qualify for the classic or 4 tournaments and buy in one tournament. You must show up and start the tournament to get credit for fishing it. You will not be allowed to sign up and send money by another angler.

2. Fish care is very important to us. It has always been a rule that you are not allowed to cull at the ramp. To help clarify this all culling must be done on the lake before your boat is loaded onto the trailer. After weighing your fish they are to be released in a humane and ethical fashion. Anyone caught mishandling fish could be disqualified and asked not to fish in other events. We are responsible for protecting the sport we all enjoy and should be held accountable.

3. Anglers will not be allowed to participate in more than one tournament at a time.

If there are any questions please PM me and I will respond as soon as possible.

Thanks again for your support of TNBassfishing.com and we look forward to seeing you on the water.

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Nice schedule fellas. Hoping to attend some more this year. Let me know if y’all need help with anything. 

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2 hours ago, whj812 said:


+2 on Douglas at night....AND NIGHT TOURNEY ON SOHO!!!! 

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11 hours ago, whj812 said:


+3. Love that lake at night time

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I like it. I think I will get to fish more given this schedule. Good rules changes. Still looking for Friday night tournaments. 

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