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  2. I only use tungsten weights now. Found several places online that have them for very reasonable prices. OMF fishing sinkers, joy fish & real deal tungsten. All are chinese made, but all of the rest probably are too.
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  4. Thank you fellas!!! It won’t be long before we start fishing day tournaments Peck!!!! Just wish we could get a few more folks to come out for the 2 night tournaments we have left on the schedule!!
  5. Whopper

    Boat leak

    I had a starter replaced on my IO couple years ago, pulled away from the marina and the same thing happen to me. Turn out they broke the hose off my bilge pump and the water just flooded in. One thing I don't like about my boat the drain for the bilge was installed to low and just barely above the water line when it is sitting. Good luck in your search
  6. trackertxw175

    Boat leak

    Check your livewell fill pump housing also. Had that happen on mine. After taking on a lot of water, got home and drained it, returned to ramp and backed down without releasing tie downs. Climbed to back and opened battery compartment and could see where water was coming from cracks in the housing that holds livewell fill pump.
  7. Jbrown

    Boat leak

    Check the area around the drain plug to I had a stratos would leak there took a lil clear silicone and fixed it also check for any old transducer holes or the current one could be comping from there
  8. Congrats Buckeye and TJ on the W! Cant wait for some more day tournaments!
  9. Peck

    Boat leak

    Probably be long winded on this one, just a heads up before you get sucked into the story..... Went out for some bluegill fishing and family fun last weekend. Messed around Saturday afternoon with little fishing and lots of swimming. Left the Nitro tied up overnight and headed back out on Sunday. Noticed the boat was a bit slow to jump on plane, but figured it was the weight of all the gas. Actually filled it up by mistake the day before. It had been a few weeks since I have had it out of the garage and was thinking I was on E, so as I was putting 15 - 20 gallons in, she topped off way before I reached my goal. 36 gallons is just too much weight for my boat. Anyway, she was slow on plane, but I didnt think anything of it. After a day of it beached and lots of swimming, my little girl thought it was funny that her flip flops were floating, in the floorboard of the boat. I raised the back hatch to realize EVERYTHING was under water. Water up over the batteries! Naturally I panicked! Hit the bilge pump with my fingers crossed, since batteries were underwater, and nothing happened, nothing. Fingers double crossed and I hit the big motor, she fired right up. Sonot knowing what else to do, I started ideling down the lake and bailing water with my little cooler from the storage bin. Seemed to make no progress bailing, so I hit the throttle hoping to make the short run to the ramp to take out. Boat stood up and never got close to hitting plane. I even went up front with the wife driving and still couldn't get it on plane. By this point the wife and girl thought the titanic was going down! We ideled on and made it to the ramp without a problem, what seemed like a 3 hour tour, more like 10 minute trip. Put her on the trailer with no problem. Once out of the water, I realized the plug was in, my first thought of the potential problem. Then after a few minutes I could see no obvious signs of water coming out of the boat, meaning I have no idea where the water got into the boat. My only guess is one of the livewell hoses, but still with the bilge and entire back of the boat filled with water, I expected to see water coming out somewhere, but found nothing. Pulled the plug and drained all the water out. In the garage this afternoon, standing on my head, wedged in with arms and head squeezed in, I seen nothing obvious out of place or cause for concern. Figure I'll plug the livewell drains and fill them up so see if the bilge gets water tomorrow. Might go ahead and replace both pumps and all the hoses while I'm at it. And definitely get that bilge pump working! Any other ideas, feel free to chime in! What an adventure and a memory with the family!
  10. We had 6 boats fish the 7th stop and found it I bit difficult . Congrats to buckeye and the the win . Also congrats to ross on big fish . As always we look forward to the next one . Stay tuned in for the next tournament . 1. Buckeye and tj 4 fish 6.5.5 2. Trackertxw175. 1 fish 2.15.9 3. Pops- tnsmallmouth 2 fish. 2.15.2 4. alumacraft09- cheetah166 . 1 fish 2.13.4 dnw jwimmiams69-roller bullet14- guest
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  12. Alright fellas!! Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. We will be at the 421 Ramp around 6. Look for a Brown Tundra pulling a blue stratos. Travel safe!!
  13. Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to make this one. I would always rather fish night tournaments but due to knee surgery I'm still out of commission for a couple more weeks. Good luck to you guys and be careful out there with the other tournament going on.
  14. I hear Boone calling 🤣

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    2. 31Airborne


      I drove over Boone a couple weeks ago.  Really cool seeing it full.  Couldn't help but think about all the brush and small trees that are now submerged cover.  Could be special.

      It'll take some time for fish to adjust to the new normal.  Dunno that I would write it off just yet.  if anything, I'd be more focused on spending time out there to pick up on how/when/where the fish are adapting to the new water level and conditions.

    3. Buckeye83


      Boone would cost me $100 in snags in one trip. Can’t afford that!!

    4. trackertxw175


      Crowd at SOHO going to cost me more than that lol

  15. welcome aboard! lotsa useful info in here. you'll have no trouble getting dialed in to using the artificial stuff.
  16. Just found yall on here. I'm in Greeneville and I love to fish local rivers and ponds. I'm not new to fishing but I'm new to using artificial bait as I've always used live. So I'm here to learn and enjoy fishing topics.
  17. Hello KFarm, Welcome to TN Bass Fishing. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. The more you participate, the better your experience here will be. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. KFarm joined on the 07/18/2021. View Member
  18. The next stop will be on soho July 24th ramp 421 . The ramp location was moved due to another tournament at ob knob . Times will be 7-2am five fish limit . Buckeye is running this one . Check back on the 23rd for move info . Hope to see you there . Again this tournament will go out of 421 ramp . 1. buckeye & Hatfield75 2. Tnsmallmouth- pops 3. Trackertxw175 & eugenehart 4. Bullet14 & guest 5. alumacraft09 & cheetah166 6. jwilliams69 & JRoller 7.
  19. Welcome to the site. Not many Striper guys on the site, but we do have a few bass guys that fish Norris.
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