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    Hello darkness my old friend, I've come to talk with you again....
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    Every time I check in here now, the music from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly starts playing, complete with a tumbleweed flying by.... praying for fall, and fishing reports
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    welcome aboard i sort feel like a new member my self aint been on hear in a coone age but this is going to be a fun Tr. see you at the ramp
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    I don’t care if I dig a rut in my yard that’s 6” deep. My boat is coming out tomorrow!!!
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    Just read an interesting comment from a woman in Florida who asks why the 2nd Amendment hasn't been repealed in light of recent mass killings. Guns, in her mind, are causing all of these tragedies. Eliminate the guns and you eliminate the problem. She didn't mention anything about knives, explosive booby traps, landmines, or poisons . . . I wonder if she'll do the natural follow-up and demand cars be declared illegal. After all, drunk and inattentive drivers kill more people than shooters do. We should hold car manufacturers accountable for their blatant disregard for human life. And what about alcohol? It was outlawed once, you know. Why isn't alcohol being declared illegal again in light of so many people dying of addiction related conditions? Damn booze makers - we should jail them all. It's their fault. And then there are the drug makers. Drugs are already illegal (for the most part) yet we don't go after drug makers like the public is going after gun manufacturers right now. It is, after all, their fault people are becoming addicted. The doctors who prescribe them are complicit, too. So are the nurses, PAs, and rehab staff. Jail all of them while we're at it. Franklin Graham - Billy's son - had an interesting comment on this horrific event. His observation was nowhere in the discussion is the role of evil thought or impetus. While we charge off into the sunset looking to blame someone or something for all of this needless suffering we run right past the cause of it all - Satan. And while we scurry about dodging and attributing blame Satan just smiles.
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    Things I've learned from our left-hand brothers & sisters in the wake of the Vegas shooting: 1) Guns are magical creatures capable of acting on their own to inflict harm on people. 2) 40+ guns are considered an arsenal. This includes handguns, long guns, shotguns and the dreaded "assault rifle" which, of all the gun types, is the most likely to act on its own accord. 3) The statistics that show the cities in our country with the strictest gun laws also have the highest gun violence rates, are made up by the NRA. 4) The tragedy in Vegas somehow is related to pending legislation on suppressors(NOT silencers....there is a difference, educate yourself before you speak as an "expert"). Although I've yet to see the connection. 5) Somehow, knowing everything about a shooter's past and guessing why they might have committed these horrible acts of cowardice is acceptable news feed. No longer do we just need to know the facts, every Tom, Dick & Jane's opinion on why is necessary as well.
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    It seems like forever since we've had a tournament..
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    Am ready for fall fishing are you all
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    Setting here in the hospital with my wife and my frist child he is a 10lbs 11oz chunky boy going to be my fishing buddy in a few years
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    Happy Birthday 'Merica
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    I've got a big bass sack slap filled for the win with my hat turned back put the Merc in the wind hold the fish up high and let my competition know surprise surprise I'm the king of the honey hole! See y'all in the morning!
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    Starting to know the back of the woodshed like my own hands. Can't catch a break or a stupid fish
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    After the night when I wake up, I'll see what tomorrow brings
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    The worst thing about the upcoming election is that one of them is going to win
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    $1000 to win Saturday night. Norris lake, brogans free launch. 7Pm -3am. $85 a boat.
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    Man it's a hot one, like seven inches from the midday sun..........
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    I hate moving...... OMG.

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