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Adding/Replacing Tilt/Trim Fluid Mercury ELPTO 90hp

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Any of you guys have any exp changing the tilt/trim fluid? Mine is getting to where it doesnt want to trim all the way up, and starts to slow down a lot. I took the only "screw/cap" off that I could find, and the motor was in the up position, I added some fluid till it started running out, and I screwed the cap back on. Ran it up/down a few times, and checked the level again and it hadn't gone down any. I did notice that it was "milky white" and that leads me to think that it's got some water in it, and that I should probably change out and flush it and refill with 100% new oil.

Anybody have any tips?

Once I topped if off, it started working better than it ever had, and went up/down as quick as I could want..... just dont like the idea of it possibly having water in it.

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talked to the original boat owner today, and the best he can recall, he's never even looked at the trim fluid or ever had it changed. So the boat is a 95 model, and if that's the case.... the fluid in it is approx 17yrs old. It only held a thimble full of fluid when I topped it off. So I don't think there's an issue with the seals, I can leave the motor trimmed up for days and it doesn't bleed down at all. Think I am going to take a syringe with a rubber hose, suck out as much of the old as I can, and re-fill with new fluid. See how it reacts to that.

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