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Our next tx will be on Cherokee Oct. 20. It seems as though there are some other txs going out o. The 25e ramp the same day. If you are planning on fishing sign up and in luxe the ramp you would like to launch from and we will try to make it the way most of you all want. I don't care where we launch from but I don't want to get in the middle of 2 or 3 other tx as well. Either way I will be there to fish.

1. BulletDuece & Partner

2. MWBrand & Partner

3. Stratos 186 & Partner

4. golfleft59 & spinflip

5. BlindHawg & Partner

6. GlitterRocket & Partner

7. MtCarmelTriton & Partner

8. Alumacraft09 & Cheetah166

9. Tracker18

10. Tobybol

11. TK145 & Partner

12. Topwater & Jared Newton

Ramp Vote:


Fall Creek---1

Quaryville(Church House)---7


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I just looked and I have to work the day of all the remaining tourneys....

Who the h#ll made this schedule????? :banana057: :banana057: :banana057:

:wavesmile: you basically donate anyway.... :whiner: i am sure you can mail in your donation..... :wavesmile: shannon...would you accept Jamies by mail -in....maybe even paypal.... :popcorn:

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Ross I think that was the general feeling of everyone who has already qualified. As long as they put the money in for tournament they are short you can fish. I think if you will have to at least fished in 1 before the buy in option comes into play but that would require you to pay for 2 txs and the classic in order to fish the classic. The entry is $40 per tx and $40 for the classic. I have no problem with someone buying in but I am not sure how many would want to but it is an option.

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