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Fellas don't forget the site tournament for Oct. 20th has been moved to the Quaryville/Church House ramp. With the 3 other tournaments going out of 25E the majority vote was to put in at the church instead of adding to the chaos. I will be at the ramp around 6 to get everyone signed up and a blast off order determined. We will not blast until safe light which should be around 7:10 am. If you are planning on fishing please let us know so we can be sure everyone has arrived before I launch my boat. As of now we have 12 boats signed up. I have listed them here. If I have left anyone out let me know. You can sign up at the ramp but please make sure you are there early enough for the ones of us doing the sign up can get in the water. Thanks to everyone for supporting the site tournaments and travel safe. See you Saturday.

1. BulletDeuce & Partner

2. MWBrand & MtCarmelTriton

3. Stratos 186 & Fisherman1488

4. Fishman & Partner

5. golfleft59 & Spinflip

6. BlindHawg & Partner

7. GlitterRocket & Tobybol

8. Alumacraft09 & Cheetah166

9. Tracker18

10. Z521 Ranger & Partner

11. Mountainman & Eskimo

12. whj812

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