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24v system ?????

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got a question new to the 24v system. last time I went out the trolling motor puttered out after about 5 hours. so I bought a new battery today one of the batteries was from 07 and the other was 2011 interstate. i replaced the 07. so the question in on my 3 bank charger will all of the lights be green when fully charged or will one always blink red ? put the new battery in and of course the 2 old batteries went to green and the new went about 4 bars on red. its been on charger since 10 this morning and blinking red 2 bars is this normal or might i have charger problems . i checked the voltage about 15 min after install the 2 old ones around 15v the new one was 14.56. just checked the voltage now the 2 on green are 12.69 and the new one blinking red 13.5 so it seems its charging just didn't know if this was something to do with 24v system

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My Minn Kota goes red on all 3 banks and then green when full.

With the on board charger I have read where you should hook up a manual charger every so often to each battery to make sure the battery gets a full charge... Nothing to do with your case but it may help someone.

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did alittle more troubleshooting they all 3 appear to be charging but maybe the middle charger just wont turn off. changed the leads around and put the 2 good ones on the trolling motor and the suspect on cranking. looks like the trolling motor ones are fine but the one on the crank is charging I read 13.5 while charger off but when I plugged it up it went to 16.05 while the other 2 went up to 15. so I guess it charging but not turning off maybe when fully charged.

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