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A new color spinnerbait


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This is a pattern I've been working on for a bit, I was trying to get the gray to just lay on top of the scale pattern that is in the mold but it usually gets to heavy but this time I got it right. I call the pattern "Straight up shiner", but it is more of a shad pattern but if I added the black dot it would take away from what I want which is a generic baitfish pattern that can be used to match the hatch for shiners, shad, and chubs, just common forage. Let me know what I have to fix or what I should change or even if I should go back to the drawing board. BTW I also use a diffterent kind of flake in the gray powder paint, it is a silver hologram but I used it very sparse, in fact it is hard to see even in person until light hits it at certain angles and then it throws off little glints of light, I hope it works out because I like it but I'm biased.


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If I saw that in a store I would have a hard time not buying it except for that rubber band holding on the skirt. I guess it's just a preference thing but that would be even nicer if the skirt was tied instead of banded. Just my humble opinion, otherwise it's one of the nicest looking spinnerbaits I've seen.

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Thanks all, I will tie some jigs with thread but never a spinnerbait, if I tie the skirt on it will be with wire but that is only for others. I like to band the skirts simply because I can paint a head just like this one and take an all white skirt, an all black skirt and a chartreuse and white skirt along with me and now I have 4 spinnerbaits and instead of retying I simply switch out the skirts. I do that a lot and that is why I won't tie a skirt on for myself and if I make them for somebody else they will be banded unless they ask for a tied skirt but we all use baits differently. I can tell you that the new collars that are out don't rot as quick as the old style that when you bought the last stanley jig off the rack and got home you would open up the package and the skirt would fall off...lol. I have baits in my box that are 2 years old and the bands are still fine.

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