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We are trying to get the list started so we can make sure everyone is qualified before we get to the ramp. If you plan on fishing you and your partner must be qualified or buy-in to the classic. If you have fished 3 tournaments last year you are qualified. By fishing 2 last year you are eligible for a buy-in. The entry cost is $40 per boat. If you have to buy-in it is an extra $20 per person. If one member of you team is qualified and one is buying-in the entry is $60. If both have to buy-in the entry would be $80. If you have any questions please PM me. There is a list of qualifiers in this tournament forum if you aren't sure. Thanks and we hope to see you out there.

1. MtCarmelTriton & MWBrand

2. BulletDeuce & PromaX

3. trackertxw175/golfleft59 & spinflip

4. stratos186 & fisherman1488

5. 97Astro & jonathon

6. tobybol

7. Glitterrocket & Blindhawg

8. TK145 & Randy

9. TNSmallmouth & HDHoppy

10. Alumacarp & cheetah166

11. SilverFox & TR196(R91)

12. Bronzebackhntr & Jamie DeVera

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As much as I hate to do this guys, Im gonna have to back out. Ive been fighting a sinus infection for a week now and it moved into my chest with an upper respiratory infection wednesday and i feel like crap. Even if I felt better by tomorrow, I dont think it would help the healing process any to be out in the weather tomorrow. I will be at the weigh in to see how it went and help with that. Im also planning on taking a bunch of pictures, so be safe and good luck. I will see you guys tomorrow afternoon!

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Hope you feel better soon.. My wife just went through the same thing. They are saying it is some kind of virus or something , everyone around here has had it..

I've had it since about 7 last night. The little green pill is your friend.

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