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Classic Reminders

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The classic is coming up fast so this post is to remind you of some things to remember about the rules and regulations. First of all Don't Forget your new fishing license. TN fishing license expire at the end of February. All rules that are listed in the 2012 tournament trail are to be followed during the classic. We do have some new changes to the Alabama Rig rules from the state. You are now allowed to throw a rig with 3 hooks of any size on the rig. A treble hook is considered as 1 hook. You can have 3 trebles on a rig. You can throw 5 baits but only 3 hooks. We will be drawing for blast off order as you sign up and pay at the ramp. Please be at the ramp in time for us to draw, have a short meeting, check livewells, and get everyone launched for blast off. The weigh-in time will be at 3PM. You don't have to be loaded at 3pm but you do have to be in the vicinity of the ramp and off plane by 3pm or you will be considered late. If you are witnessed by another participant of the classic breaking any state laws or tournament trail rules you are subject to being disqualified by the tournament committee and may be banned from fishing the TNBassfishing Trail in the future. These rules are set to make the tournament as fun and fair as possible. We have a great group of guys and I know we will have a good time so let's not spoil it by putting the committee in a position of disqualifying a participant. When you get to the ramp look for my black truck and black triton. The weigh in will also take place near my truck and boat. I am looking forward to fishing with you all. Have a safe trip and let's hope everyone catches them. Thanks for being a part of TNBassFishing.com

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