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Help with Navionics Premium Hot Maps

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I just received my premiums hot map card and it came with a usb plug that you can put your card in and plug it in the computer. I am new to this and was wondering what I need to do? Do I have to download something on it before I can use it? Any help would be appreciated..



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So, do I go the freshest data or the download data one? I have another question if anyone knows. Is it safe to turn a fishfinder on out of the water? I am just curious because I had read on one of the reviews that it could burn something up if the transducer is plugged in. I want to figure it out in the house but was wondering if it would hurt anything by turning it on in here?

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as far as your navionics card goes, the usb is for computer that don't have the sd card slot, most computers now days

have the card slot, laptops anyway. so you may or maynot have to have the usb. but yes it is for getting your free updates,

just go to navionics.com , plug it in and folllow the directions. using your unit out of the water, well ive heard it both ways.

me i don't take any chances, i always just go to simulation mode to learn and play with the features, hope this help.

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