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need some advice on electronics

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I have never heard of anyone doing this but I did it anyway. I cut an i pad screen saver to fit on my elite-7. I was just wondering if this will be ok or if I should take it off? I watched a few videos on how to clean the screen and I thought I would try this instead of having to worry about scratching the screen when trying to clean it..

You cant even tell it is on there so it does not affect the view of the screen..

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your fine....

If you ever do need to clean the screen I use a product called "Wave Away" Sonar and GPS Screen Cleaner.

Couple of light sprays on the screen and a VERY CLEAN microfiber towel, and carefully wipe it off and they are good as new. Never scratched mine, and it's still like new condition.

Your idea would work great on the Lowrance HDS2 (Newest models) that have touch screen.... I can just see someone (myself included) catching a fish, getting fish slime on your fingers, and touching the screen to create a waypoint. Leaving a big nasty slimy fishy fingerprint on the screen.

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