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got my boat fixed

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well after taking the boat to a local shop which i will not name and spending #400.00 i was excited to get out on the water, i had trouble after running the boat a while i would stop and fish then it would not take off, when put in gear it would run fine until you mashed down on the pedal then it would bogg down and die, the shop said yep its your carbs. so they rebuilt all 6 of them and highly advised to disconnect the vro and run premix so i told them to go ahead and unhook the oil side of the vro, well we blasted off and the boat ran perfect sat down at the first hole and fished 30 min. and then started to leave and wouldnt you know it same ol crap it took 15 min. before i got it to take off. well i ran the boat the rest of the day not going very far and finished the tx, so today i decided i would take the fuel pump apart to see what was going on, so i got it all apart and sure enough the plunger for the oil side of thr vro was galded and binding inside the housing and at idle the crank case pulses were no strong enough to operate the pump but as i got higher rpm the pulses got stronger and freed the sticking plunger and the boat would run ok at higher rpms, so i took the plunger out because i had already had the oil side disabled anyway and thats what was wrong with my boat, i have not had it out on the water yet but i sure this was the problem... thought i would post to maybe help someone else out sometime..

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