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Some finesse baits I've been working on


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Here are some finesse baits I've been doing as it won't be long until we hit summer and find tough bites. The top picture is my finesse jigs in 3/16oz, I model these after the Eakins jig only less weight, they are weedless round heads with a 3/0 60 degree flat eye hook with a 30 strand skirt and small 5/64" diamter FG12 weedguard and hale craw worm trailer. The jig on the left is a pattern I call "swamp grass" and the one on the right is " Christmas tree", the skirts are hand tied with Danville Flymaster 210 denier thread and sealed with hard as hull cement. The bottom picture is of my hairy worm jigs, these are 1/8oz weedless ball jigs with a 2/0 90 degree jig hook and feature high quality Darice long pile craft fur for the body and a 3" soft plastic trout worm as a trailer. The top jig is brown/black and the bottom jig is straight up brown and they are tied with Danville Flymaster 210 denier thread and sealed with hard as hull cement. The craft hair jigs did really well late last fall when the water temp dropped into the low 50's, those were tied on 1/8oz weedless football jigs with 60 degree flat eye hooks for not only a larger presentation but also a bottom dragging one. I know the pics aren't too good but let me know your honest opinion, I can take it!!



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when are you planning on fishing those hair jigs? They look nice, I like em' lol

Thanks all!! I'm probably going to fish them this week as a cold front moved through this weekend so if it doesn't rain and I get out Tuesday, I'll have to finesse fish. I plan on using the craft fur ties a lot this summer, I started tying those last year and it was amazing how the fish hit them but if you saw what they looked like in the water you wouldn't be surprised, you hardly have to move it and the craft fur just comes to life, I catch a lot without a trailer because of the amount of action.

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