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Hey Jim, OMC put out a recall in the mid 90's on a bunch of HydraSports and Javelins because they found out there was insuffiecient flotation in the gunwales......I dont think I want to know how they determined that, but to answer your original question, it is not unheard of but certainly not a common practice, either.

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I've heard of a couple in the past, Legend boats had one a few years back and it seems to me Tracker had a problem with a certain aluminum semi v hull that a friend had that leaked from day one, after a couple of trips back they finally gave him new hull.

My boat is an I/O and while changing the oil I found a 3/8" bolt that was broken laying in the bilge, couldn't figure out for the life of me where it came from :scratch: At that time the boat was about three years old. Made a phone call to the marina I bought it from and he had me bring it back and they would fix it free of charge. I asked him what they were going to fix and he said they had a bulletin on my engine that required them to install a bracket on the starter because the bolts that held the starter to the block were sheering off. The marina is located about three hours away so I asked him if he could send me the parts and I would do it myself, he told me he'd be happy to but went on to explain to do it right the engine has to be removed :o I told him to forget about sending me the parts :D I would bring it to him the following weekend, went up on a Friday night and they fixed it on a Saturday, I fished out of it on Sunday. :headbang:

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