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Which reel for pitching and flipping?


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whatever reel you choose just make sure you get the fastest reel as it will help a lot. Something in the 7.0:1 gear ratio will let you get the bait in an out of places much faster. If weight isn't a factor in your reel choice then I'd go with a simple Lews speed spool, it sells for 100 dollars and don't confuse it with the laser speed spool which is around 80 bucks. A friend of mine got a Lews Tounament pro speed spool and he really liked it so when his son's birthday was rolling around he got him a regular speed spool. We went fishing and my buddy had the kid's reel out with him to dial it in and he ended up using it all day, when we got done fishing he took his tourney pro back and got 3 more speed spools, his son got one of the new ones while my buddy kept the the other 3. He told me the only difference between the two was the weight and the dual breaks but performance wise it ws the same for 100 dollars less and that is an aluminum framed reel. If you need the magnetic breaks then move up to the tounament MG which is a few dollars more but still good performance. The reason you don't want the laser speed spool is the frame is graphite, a few good fish or some hard hook sets on limbs will flex the graphite frame and your reel will feel like a coffee grinder.

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It shouldn't matter as long as u can u a baitcaster I use a lews ss1 I never have a problem out of them and can get them for around 80 shipped on ebay

+1 on the Lews! Cant go wrong with a 7.0:1 or higher gear ratio.

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