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Motor skeg


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Can anybody answer this question please. Just noticed the very bottom tip of the motor aka skeg(if I'm saying that right) is bent a little to the left. It's not bad but I was wondering if that will affect anything or if I should get it fixed or something?

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It really depends on how the boat acts while on plane. If you have the boat on plane & notice its tracking hard to one side-it would be best to get it fixed. If it doesn't track or seem out of sorts-I think it will be ok.

I agree I had the same problem it wasn't bent that bad, but it was tracking hard to one side so I had it straighten.

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Yesterday I took another look. It wasn't bent bad at all. Just slightly. Took a block off wood put on one side and a rubber mallet on the other. And I slowly bent it back to about perfect. Since it was just the bottom tip it wasn't too tough to fix. Some say to heat it but I didn't. Didn't wanna risk screwing anything up.

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