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Tournament #6: Cherokee Lake Night Tx

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Sign-up for the 6th TNBF Tournament of the year at Cherokee Lake Saturday July 20th. We will be launching from Fall Creek Boat Dock fishing from 7 pm -3 am. Size Limits are: 12" Spots, 15" Largemouth & 18" Smallmouth. Cutoff is 6:45 for entry fees. We are at the halfway point of the Tournament Season and there is still time to qualify for the Classic.

1. JDV & Stratos201
2. stratos186 & Fisherman1488
3. BulletDeuce & PromaX
4. trackertxw175 & partner
5. Mountainman & partner
6. MtCarmelTriton & mwbrand
7. Tobybol & donnieshvac 
8. dpsats97 & 20iman

9. 97astro & partner
10. Stratosfaction & Pete037
11. GlitterRocket & Lunkersox3815
12. Srowe29934 & partner
13. jroller & partner
14. HDHoppy & tnsmallmouth

15. ottwaybass & partner

16. jvermillion13 & partner

17. Alumacraft09 & Cheetah166


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Is their any way that maybe next year, or even this year for that matter, we could vote on the hours we fish. Seems like most night tournaments start at 6pm. I knw of at least 2 other tournaments the same night as ours the 27th that are starting at 6. Would be nice to not have to wait I'n line to fish your first spot. Just wondering what ever one else thought. And as far as what time we fish till, I'm still good with 3am. Heck I'll fish all night for that matter. What do you all think ?

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