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Rapala Magic!


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I just had to share this fishing story.  Yesterday i spent a good part of the day out on the water in the rain.  I had caught a couple on some oversized worms but nothing to brag about.  I had tried just about everything in the book without a whole lot of luck so i decided to run down river to a shallow sand bar that extends out into deep water on both sides.  I usually run a deep crank up both sides and have had some luck in the past but nothing was biting.  i did some jigging and ran some craws but nothing.  I could see fish smashing shad so i knew they were out there.  Before i decided to pack up i thought id try one more thing.  I had an old Rapala countdown in my tackle box that id had for years.  It was one of those lures that just had gotten forgotten about once i started loading my tackle box with all the "new hot" lures.  On my first cast a bass smashed it.  Nothing big but it was a bass.  Literally the next five or six casts the same thing happened.  I was pulling in decent sized bass with this oldie but goodie lure over and over.  I even tried other cranks that ran the same depth with the same color and they'd just leave it alone but as soon as i threw out the rapala they'd crush it.  It was great.  I had to have caught over twenty bass off that thing in less than an hour.  I'll be the first to admit that i get caught up in all hype over the new lures out there.  i have been caught by new lures more than i even want to talk about. It just goes to show that some lures just get it done and theres no explanation for it and never throw old faithful away for the new hotness.  Sorry so long.  I just wanted to share for other beginners like me.

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good for you and that ol' faithful. in the same vein, i just ordered out some replacement skirts for all my old hula poppers. after reading this i think i'll have one tied on next time i'm out.


when you say you went "down river" i'm thinking Tn. river, or Kentucky lake. am i warm? my son and i are planning on hitting "the river", now that the water levels are nearer to normal, down here south of I-40 next time he's got a day or two off work to check out a few spot that look good to us.



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I found some old Lucky 13 and lucky 13jr in a buddies barn as well as many others. The first time I used the red/white lucky 13 it was hit at continually. I fished it similar to a wake bait. I changed the old hooks and put on some new ones and carry it faithfully. A lot of the older lures were considered great at the time of their invention and given the chance can be awesome producers again. Thanks for the experience.

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