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gear ratios


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you're likely to get as many opinions on this as there are gear ratios in reels.  JoeP's logic is pretty sound, but on the otherhand, there are those who like to specialize each rod/reel combo for a different style of fishing or lure. of course....this means you have to have quite a few set-ups in your boat, which mine doesn't have room for, especially if there's another person with me. so the five or six set-ups i use don't vary as much in reel speed (i stick with around 6: something to around 7:)  as they do in rod actions and line sizes and types. but to each his own...if i had the money and the storage space, i'd have one of everything ever made.

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5:2.1 deep crank 7'11 rod

6:2.1 jig, trig 20 foot or less 7'0 rods

6:4.1 spinnerbaits, shallow cranks 7'0 rods

7:1.1 jig, crig or trig, spinnerbait and swimbait 20 foot and deeper 7'0 rods except 7'6 on swimbait

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Guest Insanity

I've noticed a big difference in fishing a soft plastic and spinner baits on a 5:1 as opposed to 6:1. I like to slow roll big half oz spinner baits for them big girls. And if I'm tossing plastic I want to go as slow as possible usually.

I can't stay slow enough with the 6:1. (So say the fish) I slow down for a few mins then forget and go back to normal cranking speed.

Making me fish way to fast. Resulting in smaller and less fish on more occasions then not. Thought about dropping to a 4:1 even.

And unless things have changed in the last couple years the. 5:1 will winch in those big boys where as the 6:1 I have makes me work a lot harder. Love the 6:1 for cranks. And I Couldn't image a 7:1. I love those bites.

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