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I have always had a poor holeshot and it was even worse with the livewells full.

Yesterday I went to Bass Pro and bought a SE 3 Hydrofoil and put it on. Went to fish the TX on Douglas and WOW what a difference.

Jumped up on plane at the blast-off and I thought that was great but would it work with the livewells full. After a couple fish and a one full livewell... up on plane easily.... a couple more fish and 2 livewells full.... up on plane just as easily.

Something I should have bought 2 years ago when I got the boat.

I rarely start a post about a product but this thing made such a hugh difference that I thought it was worthy of a mention.

Yes Charger and Stump....you were right.

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Glad I was finally right about something :clap:

As they say.... even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while :potstir::potstir:

Now when you gonna take me and Stump shoot'n ? :popcorn:

I am gonna go over and check out the TVA range on 25E.... I pass it all the time and have never gone back to see what it looks like....

Have not been shooting in a while guess its time to practice just in case I might need it one day.

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