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TNBF Tx prize packs


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For those of you who don't know I build and sell custom crankbaits. The price is $8.00 a piece, I can do custom work and refurb old lures as well.

I have decided, with the permission of the owners/administrators of this website to do a prize pack for the next Tx to get my lures in some more angler's hands. I'll be giving away 6 of my customs cranks to the first boat to finish out of the money.

The picture below is of the prize pack, now bear in mind these lures (except the top left one) are unfinshed I still have to coat them with the finishing coat but they'll be ready to rock come Sat. The top left is a splatterback pattern followed by a rootbeer/craw pattern on the right, the next down are my version of Tennessee Shad(wasn't trying to replicate the Tn Shad Pattern here but the actual fish I see in the lake) and the bottom ones are similar to sexy shad but a little lighter as I left off on of the colors for that pattern.

Anyways thanks for your time and thank you to the site for letting me do this, I would greatly appreciate it if I could get some reviews after the winner has had time to play with them.

Heres my website if anyone is interested Billybadbass.etsy.com Like I said I can do custom baits and if you want drop me a line billybadbasscustoms@yahoo.com.

Thanks again and good luck!


P.S. They look better in person, especially the Tn shad as that is silver on the bottom not grey :lol: my lighting isn't that good.

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Thanks guys, I suck at taking pictures, trust me they'll look alot better when I get the clear coat on them, and in person.

I want to apologize for the pictures again, they'll look alot better when clear coated and I try and get some better pics on here before the Tx. I feel like a kid who just made a macoroni potrait of my parents and you guys have to hang it on the collective fridge. :smash::lol:

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